Friday, August 27, 2010



This is my new adventure.

So honored to have you here.

Make yourself a cup of tea, take some time to explore what's here. Drop me a line if you feel like it.

Are you ready to Express Your Soul? Are you already doing it?
Share your story with me.

The more the merrier.

Here we go!


  1. Love the site, Tracy! I think I've been ready to express my soul's desire for a long time but like you, I am afraid. Afraid of making mistakes, of being laughed at, of not doing it perfectly. When I think about starting a creative project, I get overwhelmed. I want to do EVERYTHING. I want to play my violin well, learn to paint, make beaded jewelry, learn to sew, start my own blog, make collages, learn to bellydance, learn to spin fire...etc. etc. I know I can't possible do everything but how do I know which "thing" to pick? If I pick one does that mean I can't do the other things too? There doesn't seem to be enough time to do all the creative things I would love to do so I end up not doing any of them. I get so frustrated though because I see all these talented, creative people around me expressing themselves. I think, "Why can't I do that?" So, I'm joining you on this journey in hopes that I can learn to feel the fear and do it anyway and not let the multitude of creative outlets overwhelm me. Maybe I could just write them all down, put them in a hat and draw one or two and start there.

    Thank you for creating this space!


  2. Oh Zoe, thank you for sharing all of this! Oh my gosh, so there with you! How can we do all of the things we want to do? I write them ALL down, especially the ones that are super scary, and then put that list in a safe place, knowing that the ones that are *right* will surface first, when they are supposed to. But TRY THEM ALL!!! Why not? :o) Okay, maybe not all at once! I LOVE your idea of picking one out of a hat, it's a great place to start if you aren't sure.

    AND Sister, I am SOOOOOO glad you are on this journey here too, thanks for joining in!! Whoo hoo!!!

    Big love and hugs to you!