Friday, September 3, 2010


It's been a whirldwind kind of life around our home this past month. I can't believe it's Septemeber already.

So what's been going on? My husband started a new job that he absolutely loves (much gratitude to the universe for such abundance). My son started kindergarten. Kindergarten! Where did the time go? I participated in an intensive
dance retreat in Oregon to kick off the month then started a new round of my own classes here. Oh, and have I mentioned BIG?

Getting used to the new schedules, ealier bedtimes, and added places to be on top of already established daily routines has left me pretty exhausted. And here is where I start to wonder, does it have to be this way? Can life be slower? Or, can I be in the moment with whatever is going on even if it's not slow? Do I have the choice to make it less crazy? What are my options?

I do have a choice. But I also have this thing called Fear. That if I don't keep moving forward toward my dreams they will never come true. If I don't work hard, push myself, and do more, things won't get done. And then I will be stuck where I'm at forever. Which I don't want. That darn old Fear makes me lose faith. Faith in my dreams and faith in myself.

What to do?

So, I'm learning to embrace that Fear. Make friends with it. Understand that I have something to learn from it. And as a result I am slowly learning that all my dreams will come true. I can relax. I can take my time. I can believe. And I most certainly don't have to do it all RIGHT NOW.

And even bigger? That some things in my life, things that don't fit anymore, will have to go. It seems to be the theme these days, quite a few other wonderful women who I admire are shedding, purging, clearing. Making room for what no longer fits. And it's time I do the same. On so many levels. Naturally, more Fear shows up. But I know deep down, I need to do this anyway. Despite the Fear.

So, I am taking a deep breath.
I am taking a deep look at my life.
I am believing in myself and my dreams.
I am letting go.

Here I go!

Thanks for joining me on the journey!


  1. Wonderful post, Tracy! Breathe and Let go!

  2. YAY this was a great great post:) much love!!!!
    I wanna do Kundalini dancing...!!!!!!