Friday, September 24, 2010

A Nugget of Gold

Last night, as an early birthday present for my husband, we went and saw Garrison Keillor. My husband loves Garrison Keillor. He has the same dry humor, the same wit. They are both very inspiring and funny men. What a joy to spend it with them both.

I have so many thoughts and perspectives on the evening, but one thing struck deep and it's what I carried away with me on our long drive back from the city.

The way that Mr. Keillor weaves his stories together is pure magic. You know there is a thread holding it all together but it often becomes thin, or all together invisible at times. Then suddenly, there it is, the thread reappears and the sweet ironies of life are displayed with such love and tenderness and humor. He is amazing.

One of his stories was about going to New York City for the first time. And oh how I want to capture the essence of this story, but there is no way I can do it here. It is so complex, so deeply entwined with other stories that came before and that would come after.

But even though I can't replicate the entire experience, I want to share this part. A women he met there shared this nugget of wisdom with him. It was a gift to him that sent him in the direction he most needed to go, that would embark him on the path he was most destined to travel.

She told him, I am of course summarizing here, that he is not afraid of New York City, it is not where he belongs. No, he is afraid of something entirely different. He is afraid of his people, his family, the place where he grew up, Minnesota, of being one of them, afraid of being just like them. And he must write about what he is afraid of. He must go back there. To his home. And write about his Fear. This is what he must do.

Write about his Fear.

This is powerful juicy stuff folks. THIS is what we all must do. Whether we write, paint, sculpt, dance, or sing, we must take a look at our Fear. We must answer to it. We must face it. We must go towards it. This is where our power resides. This is where our magic lies.

If you wonder, what do I possibly have to say, what does my soul really need to express? And you are searching for an answer, clues to who you are. This is what you must do, this is what we all must do, move toward our Fear. Write it. Paint it. Sing it.

You will find yourself there.

And please please remember. You are not alone in facing this fear. You have a tribe of folks here in this place. Share your journey. Share your travels with your Fear. We all need to hear your story. We all need to TELL our stories. We all need to do this together. Together we can face our Fear. We can find our power. We can make magic happen.


  1. I DO have so much to tell you all (my BIG sisters)... on this very subject no-less.♥ Thank you for sharing, Mr. Keillor is one of my favorite story tellers as well.

  2. Tracy, I am so happy to meet you and so happy that you left the comments on my blog. Your shining face reveals the glowing spirit residing within and I know that you are a gift to every person who is lucky enough to be in your presence.

    This beautiful post really touched me because I know there are at least 2 other people who understand what it is I'm trying to share with others through my art journaling.

    I hope you and your followers are able to join the 21 Secrets Playground. There are 21 fabulous workshops being offered in one spot! (There's a link on the righthand sidebar of my blog) I'm one of the instructors and my lesson is on giving your inner child a voice. There are so many answers there.

    Thanks again for writing me. I'm thrilled to meet you. I want to know MORE about that dream! I'm really into dreams and find it interesting to know I've been in one of yours! :o) Hugs & much love - Angelia