Friday, October 22, 2010

Full Moon Dream Board

It's Full Moon time!

Inspired so much by Jamie Ridler!

"On October’s New Moon, I invited you to allow yourself to dream of luxuries, those delights that sometimes your inner censor might cut before they even make it to the board. Luxury doesn’t mean it’s something expensive or out of reach, just that it’s something beyond what you require, something extra, something that is simply about the delight of it. Is that what you’ve been gathering as we’ve journeyed towards this Full Harvest Moon?"

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Here's mine for this month.

Create your own, see what happens!


  1. Your dream board is beautiful. I hope all your dreams are fulfilled!

  2. Mesmerising art which feels healing to behold. I love staring at the spral image and seem to get lost in wonderment at it.

    :) best wishes to you and yours.

  3. Wonderful! The luxury of time, of relaxation and healing, of self-care and beautiful vistas. May your dream be realized.

  4. I love the spiral on this! It's seems 'filled' with promise and energy...

  5. The spiral really touches me too--this board says to me creativity and relaxation...beautiful.


  6. I love the feel of your dreamboard and how the colors in your spiral echo the images on the left. May all your dreams come true!

  7. At first glance the image on the left looks to me like a large can of emulsion paint with little captions of beautiful images you can achieve with the contents! And of course that's just what you can do with dreamboards!

    Happy dreamtime!

  8. mmmmm, luxury. have to think about that one. the colors on your luxury board are beautiful, seems so peaceful