Friday, October 1, 2010

How Radical Can You Get?

I love hanging out with my son. He and I have so much fun together. I love his imagination. His wild and free spirit. I want to be him when I grow up. It's true.

And there are times, too many says my inner critic, when I don't want to be his "mom." I just want to be his friend. You know, laugh and giggle and build legos and argue over who has the best monster face. I want to let someone else tell him it's time to brush his teeth, to finish chewing before he tells a story, to come and sit back down and finish his homework, or to please, please, please, get dressed so we can go.

At those times I'd rather be the one in life that gives him permission to be himself, to love creating, to nurture his imagination, to feel loved, and to know he can do ANYTHING! I want to paint BIG on the floor of our kitchen together. I want to lay on the deck at night and share stories about the stars. I want to mix and stir and bake and eat glorious amounts of muffins.

And I see time whiz past so incredibly fast. He was so small sooooo long ago. He is in school now. And I see these moments passing by. Feeling lost forever. And it makes me sad even as I absolutely love the bigger boy he is growing into.

But I know that I am also his mama. And it is up to me to make sure he eats his veggies, and gets to school on time, and is safe at the store not running into people at top speed. I do have a responsibility to be that one (along with his papa too).

Yet I work away from home. I also have that responsibility. And that doesn't leave a lot of time for many of the things I mentioned above. And really, that is the thread of where this is going.

So I can't help but question. Why does school have to start so early? Why does our society insist on work that takes us away from our families for so many hours a day? Why do we put up with an education system that insists on quantity over quality? Why do we spend so many hours working hard yet still feeling that we aren't getting anywhere? And the whoppers: Why do we let clocks and calendars rule our lives? (For an example of that just think of our crazy day light savings time in this country).
Why don't we all just say ENOUGH?!

I know there are people that do question these systems in place. You might call them, oh, let's say, homeschoolers. Or hippies. Or, depending on your perspective ~ Socialist Freaks! (Tee hee!)

You see, actually, I am one of these people too. (Not news to many of you.) I say in my heart ENOUGH. But in reality I keep going. I question, but I don't stop. Because you know what? It's hard to reject the very fabric of reality that loving folks around you take for granted and actually like (or say they like it or are too afraid to admit they don't or don't even realize they don't like it or haven't shared with you that they don't like it or don't dare let you question it because, well, that's scary).

So I'm taking this moment right here, right now. I have had ENOUGH. I want the world to change. I want this life to change. I want it for us all, not just for me and my family. I want us all to question clocks and calendars even. Yes, RADICALLY CHANGE, did I mention that part? Radically.

I want the pursuit of happiness to actually mean something. I want to live in a world where we actually pursue happiness over earning a living. Can you imagine anything so radical as that? Can you imagine doing that which feeds your soul every day?

But that means there have to be a lot of us questioning what's happening now. Not just a few. So I'm looking for a whole lotta souls out there to join me. Can we change the world? Yes. I think so. I know so. All we have to do is question the one we're in. Oh, and have a vision of where we'd like to be.

What's your vision?

Please share it with me! Let's inspire each other to make some real change. Our children deserve it. And so do we.


  1. Tracy, I feel the exact same way as you. Though I have no children. But, that is THE main reason why i left the education system. I could go on no longer working for a system I 100% did NOT believe in.

    Radical change is yes, very necessary.

    And I think it's start by being that change. Simple as that.

    I appreciate and find comfort when I find others that feel the same way as we do. But I am not on a crusade to change and minds except my own.

    And that is what I have been doing, and I am certain--in some form or fashion, my life choices effects others in a positive way--and change occurs.

    Hansel's Dad is a principal in a school in Costa Rica. Years ago I did a workshop there--and I was blown away--by how they educate their children. Children learned about the environment and animals by working on a school garden every day--in which the food from that garden was their breakfast and lunches of that day--in which parents came to school and prepared---and they had computers and math and reading and all that good stuff---but they also placed a strong importance on the arts. And family is always a part of the education system in some way or anther. I observed a true community--a village raising a child.

    When I taught here in the states--I worked in a system of fear--fear that the children were/are never enough-that they must know more--that they must do more--that they must be better.

    That's what killed me. Children are perfect the beautiful way they are. It is not our job as adults or teachers to make them better--but to help them discover and understand the world that they live in.

    Oh, I could go on forever. But know Miss Tracy--you are not alone. I support you--and would like to support you and your son--in anyway I can.


  2. hi there,

    firstly CONGRATS on loving your BIG adventure.

    i think it's incredibly difficult to leave behind a safe social structure. i get emails and comments asking - how did you do it. i'm no good at answering because i'm one of those freaks, lol. i just do it!

    but i do know it's difficult for most people. it's safe staying in the crowd. so much support, no one questioning you...

    but it comes at a price, as you know.

    i left an urban life to live up a mountain, in the Balkans, with a new baby! lol i'm organic learning my girl, butshe's only 2.5yrs old.

    i have no idea what our life will look like in 5 years, but that, to me, is the adventure.

    best of luck!

  3. I hear ya sister! The inner pull to break free from the sticky matrix of what our society has created! So many of us are trapped in it, and only a few of us even realize it exists at all! I also get angry at the clock and calendar. Right now in school we are being told to fine tune our time management, to fill up our planners when blocks of time where we will do this or that. And I see the good of how that will help me with my future business but it also drives me nuts! I HATE being blocked into a schedule! Darn rising Sagittarius!