Friday, October 29, 2010


I started a *routine* for myself of writing my blog on Fridays. It's been going swimmingly well.

Until today.

"Ruh rho Shaggy..." It's Friday. I don't have anything to write about. Oh dear.

So just to keep the practice going, and get the creativity flowing, I am treating this blog as a free-flow, stream of consciousness writing exercise.

Here's a little recap of this week ~

* i started a 30 day follow your bliss thing, today is day 5, so far so good, making sure the little details are seen to on a daily basis, such as incense, music, giggles, taking the time to stay a bit longer at the cafe to chat & connect with the owner, creating loveliness by making little handmade tabs for my new organizer, painting and decorating little hearts that will be anonymous give-aways to random strangers or friends, noticing the sun, looking up at the stars...

* battling the guilt about needing this one morning a week to myself rather than helping out at my son's classroom halloween party

* loving this time of year

* finding acceptance of where i'm at *career-wise* and noticing positive results

* dragging my feet and getting the studio cleaned out and *done*
(for obvious emotional reasons)

* so excited about my new organizer, i took a year off from being super-organized, it's been fun, relaxing, and also chaotic, so finding a new way to be that is in balance is the idea for the coming year

* fascinated by the vastness of this universe

* feeling a little melancholy, realizing it's been a social week, and i miss my down-time, my me-time, my quiet-go-within-time

* amazed that i have a piece of my art in an art show in Athens!

* grateful for the goodness that is my life

Here's to going with the flow!

Happy: Autumn, Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, Samhain, Harvest, Celtic New Year or whatever it is you celebrate this time of year... it sure is festive, isn't it?

Blessings on the journey!


  1. Everyone coming through the gallery has loved this box! Thanks for sharing it with us over here on the east coast!

  2. Hey, FOLLOW YOUR BLISS...I like that..a lot..I may follow in your footsteps..and nothing wrong with free flow, sometimes that's where the good stuff is!

  3. Your art is in an art show! Yay! I love your posts and I love you too!