Friday, November 12, 2010

Enlightenment Through Fun…

Pursuing your life’s purpose, discovering your dreams, expressing your soul’s desire ~ all of this is often seen as serious work. Meditating, searching, growing, stretching … whew.

A fabulous
artrist/blogger that I just adore included a funny joke and silly Grover (from Sesame Street) video in her first newsletter, and it reminded me of how fun pursuing your life’s dream can be! I also realized, that hey, I’m doing a lot of fun things already in my life, but there’s always room for more.

So as I head off to Disneyland with my family today (seriously, who’s more excited, me or my son?) here's a list of things I do to make my journey a little more fun. Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments below, I’d love some new silly fun inspiration!


~wear fun socks
{toe socks are exceptionally fun!}

~color your hair
{this can be with bright bold colors or just stripes of “regular” hair colors that you normally wouldn’t try}

~tickle someone who’s not expecting it
{careful of course with this one, probably better if you already know them!}

~swing on a swing for your meditation stint for the day
{instead of sitting on the floor with your legs crossed}

~wear glitter

~buy bubbles, blow them on unsuspecting folks

~turn the music up

~dance in your living room

~sing in the shower
{right, how many people actually do this? try it!}

~buy a coloring book and crayons, color
{do NOT stay in the lines}

~play ding dong ditch
{but leave little gifts like flowers or candy when you do it}

~invite a friend along, the more the merrier!

Have a super fun weekend friends!


  1. Oh boy, fun! Being a logical scientific thinking brainy serious gal, I am still learning to embrace fun. Sometimes though I do turn up the hip hop and dance around the house. Hmmmm, how else do I have fun? Color the digestive system in my anatomy coloring book!

  2. Always room for more fun! Thanks for the GREAT ideas, Tracy! And hope your day at Disneyland was better than ever!