Friday, November 26, 2010

So Much Gratitude

After a day spent with loving friends, delicious food, warmth and connection, I am so grateful for the beauty of my life.

Cold Weather and its friend Snow came quite early this year. It presents not a few challenges where we live, but it is also a wonderful reminder to stay present and take each moment, one at a time.

Today, I am grateful for ~

This View:

This home:

This wild, loving Spirit:

This loving, supportive Man:

This creative, adventurous Life:

Thank you to all of you, sharing this journey with me, for your gifts, friendship and connection.

So glad to be creating with you!


  1. Tracy, Feeling gratitude for you. Am so thrilled the Universe introduced us!

    What a gorgeous place and gorgeous family.


  2. I was in your neck-of-the-woods (more or less) on this very day, enjoying the wonder of snow (and wild turkey tracks!) with my family at my parents' cabin. I thought of you often! So fun to see the beauty of your landscape - and family!