Friday, December 3, 2010

All the Necessary Steps

It's December. The end of the calendar year. The days of darkness, awaiting the return of the light at Winter Solstice.

I find it's a perfect time to reflect back on all I've done this year. All that I've accomplished. All that I've struggled with. Because both the successes and the challenges are necessary. Each step is taking me closer to who I am meant to be. Sometimes it's shedding old ways and habits. Other times it's trying on new bits and pieces to see what fits. Mostly though, it's letting shine through that which is already there. Waiting patiently, until I'm ready to embrace all that is me, ready to bring out into this world my one true self.

Here are some of the bigger steps I've taken this year ~

* dared to
Dream Very Big with these fabulous people

* learned to embrace my Inner Artist who's been in hiding since 7th grade

* started
Art Journaling ~ nothing but goodness by doing this!

* let go of feeling left out of a group which no longer fit, which was an old feeling anyway

played and danced in a city I've always wanted to go to, and danced my heart out with some fabulous women

* followed my heart, my intuition, my small guiding voice and made
a very difficult decision

* started a new blog (you're reading it now!)

* had an art piece in an art show in Athens! (see pics of it here

* really embraced my Inner Artist and went Fearless, painting really

* connected even deeper with a soul
Sister, a friendship that I am just so incredibly grateful for

* experienced a complete meltdown over what marriage means, learning to allow it to be all it needs to be, and watched it grow even stronger

* discovered my life's purpose (
a wee little thing...)

* realized that knowing my life purpose does not mean I now know how to go about making it happen

* opened once again to the idea of moving away from
this cabin out of the snow, and trusting that it most likely will happen in a way I can't predict or control

* honored the part of me that is a
Creative Rainbow Mama while letting go of not being a different kind of mother, at last

* decided it's definitely time to make some serious changes next year so I can do what I love all the time!

And what about you? Take some time this month, if you haven't already, to honor all the things you've done this year, both rewarding and hard, both joyful and challenging.

Give yourself some love for wherever you're at right at this moment in time, it's right where you're supposed to be!

So glad to be here with you!!


  1. Love this Tracy... I will take your advice this weekend and spend some time with this thought. It has been a BIG transformative year, eh? LOL (understatement)

    It's so amazing to witness and go through... and share. Thankyou.


    ps - I love that this posted at 3:33 ;)

  2. Wow, Tracy ~ you have been on such a journey this year! So many powerful revelations. It's exciting how you are embracing your adventure of life and unique in this universe soul. Time for me to reflect too! ~ Grace to you, Jane

  3. I love this Tracy! It's so funny how we forget where we were a year ago and how things have changed. I love that photo too!!!!