Monday, January 31, 2011

My Life's Purpose

This DEEP thing.
That's all I can say right now.
I am learning to paint all over again.
And it's beautiful.
It is truly, absolutely, Divine.
Like, Goddess/Great Spirit/God/Yahweh, kind of Divine.

I am becoming a portal to the Universe. I am opening up to the Divine Mystery of life itself.

And the creative juiciness of the Great Creator is flowing through me.

It's THAT good.

If you haven't read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, you might want to give it a try. She covers this subject very well. Being a Creative Being, expressing the Creative Source through our Creativity. You know, simple stuff like that. Very Zen like, but like Zen, when you don't over think it, it makes perfect sense!

So, back to DEEP. Our assignment last week?
Nothing less than painting our Life's Purpose.

What? You gotta be kidding?
Nope. It was for real.

And much to my surprise, I did it. I actually painted my Life's Purpose.
Couldn't tell you what it means.
Well, I guess I could try.
But the mystery of it all is what is actually so exciting.
THIS is my purpose?
It appears to involve big phat shining LOVE.

And that right there is perfect. And plenty.
The rest, icing.

Here's to YOUR creativity. To YOU being the portal of Divine Love.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I haven't been blogging much lately. Feeling more in tune with visual expression these days than the written variety.

DEEP, the online painting class ~ or the transformative life experience class ~ is humming along rather nicely, thank you very much.

I'm completely unlearning what I thought painting was all about.
Here is my painting from week 2.

What I'm really learning, and practicing and doing, is not about what I Think I should create. It's all about what I Feel I should create. And that takes some quiet time. Silencing the inner critic. Hearing the voice that comes not from my Head, but from my Heart. Listening to my Soul.

And, most importantly, not second guessing what I'm hearing.

And to be honest?
It's that second guessing that got me in trouble this week.
And was also my most favorite lesson learned.

Trust My Intuition!

It knows what it's doing. Whether I believe it or not.

I believe I'll be listening more intently from now on.

Cuz expressing my Soul is pretty transformative stuff.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm In Deep

You might remember last fall I was taking this MARVELOUS online class from Connie H. at Dirty Footprints Studio called BIG.

Now, I'm taking the next one, DEEP. O.M.G. It's so good. And we've just started.

And our first assignment, in an over-simplified nutshell?
Devotion. What do you devote the next 6 weeks to?

I knew immediately what mine would be. Immediately. Even when I saw further on in the assignment that Connie had used it as the example. I hesitated for about all of 15 seconds.

Nope. It's okay. This word is screaming to me, "Pick me!! Pick me!!


And so I did.

This is my devotion. I devote DEEP to LOVE.

And I'm talking all kinds of scrumptious LOVE ~
-the love of ART
-love for myself
-love and support to and from the DEEP tribe of women
-the love between my husband and myself
-my love for my son
-the LOVE that is every speck of dust in the universe and the space between the specks
-LOVE that IS the Divine Mystery itself
-when LOVE fills you up and when it feels like it's so much work
-times when it feels like it's gone forever and times when it's the only thing in the room
-the LOVE of a cat of course


All of that wrapped up carefully and presciously in this moment. And in this painting.

Not that there weren't gremlins along the way. Oh hell yes, they came out in full force. But with this painting right there in front of me, the LOVE came flooding back as a reminder. A big HELLO I'M RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE reminder. And that folks is what I need to remember every moment. Every. Single. Moment. I love creating, I love painting, I love expressing myself through art. And so when the little gremlins, or in my case a big fat purple octopus named Ursula, shows up to shake up this little love fest for myself, my DEVOTION is my special superhero cape of LOVE wrapped around me, helping me to be invincible. Helping me to shake off my inner-demon-critic and get back to what I LOVE to be doing. How I LOVE to be. Creating ART.

And that right there. That's PERFECT.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mug O' Inspiration

There is a major shift happening over here in my world.
Again. Or, continuing is really more accurate.

But that's for another post.

Today, I'm sharing another creative outlet. My tea mug. I bought it a few years ago from the Evil Empire called Starbuck's. But it's really cool. So the way I look at it is even the weapons of evil can be transformed into wands of goodness and magic.

(If you do not understand why I consider Starbuck's to be evil, that's okay, that's not the point of this post.)

What makes this mug so great is that it has an opening at the bottom for inserting a collage of photos or images. You can personalize your mug to reflect you. And, of course, not use paper cups when getting hot drinks on the go.

I used my mug this year for inspiration, to set my intentions, and another way to put my dreams out there in the world so they can become real.

Everyday when I drink my tea, I get to remember what I want my life to hold, I can envision it, dream it, and make it real.

Practical magic.

What fun and different ways do you express yourself?

Share, share!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

42 Things

1. I am 42 years old

2. Cat person (currently there are 3)

3. Favorite time of year ~ Autumn

4. Virgo

5. I believe that dreams (the kind when we sleep) hold powerful magic

6. Not to mention the dreams we hold in our hearts while we're awake

7. Tattoos? Yes, 4 and counting

8. Introvert

9. Mama to a fiery little red head

10. Creating ART makes my soul sing

11. Burbank, Santa Barbara, Tokyo, Plzen, San Francisco, Fiddletown, Amador City, Jackson, Sutter Creek, Volcano, Pine Grove, Pioneer (in that order)

12. Brown eyes and hair

13. Tree-hugging Dirt-worshipper

14. Currently developing my 6th Sense

15. Happily Married

16. Love solitude

17. Seeking my tribe

18. Covet an earthen, hand-made, cob, hobbit-style art studio with big windows and a view of water

19. Left my heart in Africa...I will return to find it someday, somehow

20. Left-handed

21. Bear

22. Winter Solstice is my favorite *holiday*

23. Pleiades

24. Not vegetarian (it's the bacon)

25. Love to dance

26. Norther European Mutt (Dutch, English, German, Scot...)

27. Risk-taker, in some areas, working on others

28. One younger brother

29. Brad Devereaux, favorite artist

30. Tea

31. Nag Champa

32. Believing is seeing

33. Red wine, Syrah specifically, Rhône varietals in general, Terre Rouge locally

34. English, high school Spanish, Japanese and Czech

35. Terrible bad habit craving every once in a while? Pop Tarts ~ Brown-Cinnamon

36. Didn't feel sexy ever, until I took salsa lessons

37. Thoughts become things

38. Amber

39. The Ocean and the Wind bring me great peace

40. Mac (this year, finally)

41. Alesema, Ejigayehu "Gigi" Sibaba, Zion Roots ~ favorite song at the moment

42. Love

And I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

Thank you for joining me on this journey.