Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I haven't been blogging much lately. Feeling more in tune with visual expression these days than the written variety.

DEEP, the online painting class ~ or the transformative life experience class ~ is humming along rather nicely, thank you very much.

I'm completely unlearning what I thought painting was all about.
Here is my painting from week 2.

What I'm really learning, and practicing and doing, is not about what I Think I should create. It's all about what I Feel I should create. And that takes some quiet time. Silencing the inner critic. Hearing the voice that comes not from my Head, but from my Heart. Listening to my Soul.

And, most importantly, not second guessing what I'm hearing.

And to be honest?
It's that second guessing that got me in trouble this week.
And was also my most favorite lesson learned.

Trust My Intuition!

It knows what it's doing. Whether I believe it or not.

I believe I'll be listening more intently from now on.

Cuz expressing my Soul is pretty transformative stuff.


  1. Trust My Intuition!
    I may need that written on the inside of my eyelids... so I see it everytime I blink! LOL!

    GORGEOUS painting, Tracy! I LOVE IT! Yum! The imagery! The color! Nice!!!! Yay!

  2. Oh, this is glorious! Okay, I missed that painting from week 2??? I am having trouble figuring out when a new discussion is posted ... grrr ...

    I too haven't felt the pull to be verbal since Deep began ... I just want to tell my feelings through paint and form ...

    So happy to be sailing these seas with you

    xo Lis

  3. Beautiful Tracy! I LOVE what is coming out of your soul and into physical form. Sheesh! Intution and Trust. I didn't listen to myself this week and I pushed something new a little too fast before its time and of course I'm not getting the response I wanted cuz it was wrong timing! GRRRR, trust trust trust!
    love you