Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm In Deep

You might remember last fall I was taking this MARVELOUS online class from Connie H. at Dirty Footprints Studio called BIG.

Now, I'm taking the next one, DEEP. O.M.G. It's so good. And we've just started.

And our first assignment, in an over-simplified nutshell?
Devotion. What do you devote the next 6 weeks to?

I knew immediately what mine would be. Immediately. Even when I saw further on in the assignment that Connie had used it as the example. I hesitated for about all of 15 seconds.

Nope. It's okay. This word is screaming to me, "Pick me!! Pick me!!


And so I did.

This is my devotion. I devote DEEP to LOVE.

And I'm talking all kinds of scrumptious LOVE ~
-the love of ART
-love for myself
-love and support to and from the DEEP tribe of women
-the love between my husband and myself
-my love for my son
-the LOVE that is every speck of dust in the universe and the space between the specks
-LOVE that IS the Divine Mystery itself
-when LOVE fills you up and when it feels like it's so much work
-times when it feels like it's gone forever and times when it's the only thing in the room
-the LOVE of a cat of course


All of that wrapped up carefully and presciously in this moment. And in this painting.

Not that there weren't gremlins along the way. Oh hell yes, they came out in full force. But with this painting right there in front of me, the LOVE came flooding back as a reminder. A big HELLO I'M RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE reminder. And that folks is what I need to remember every moment. Every. Single. Moment. I love creating, I love painting, I love expressing myself through art. And so when the little gremlins, or in my case a big fat purple octopus named Ursula, shows up to shake up this little love fest for myself, my DEVOTION is my special superhero cape of LOVE wrapped around me, helping me to be invincible. Helping me to shake off my inner-demon-critic and get back to what I LOVE to be doing. How I LOVE to be. Creating ART.

And that right there. That's PERFECT.


  1. Beautiful Tracy! I love what you are doing. I love your soul and I love your art. It always catches my breath.

  2. Wow! Tracy, Deep sounds amazing, I'm jealous! I'll just have to take it in august. Glad you are having so much fun and inspiration :)

  3. Oh, Tracy. The swirls, the colors, the dots... the devotion. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!

  4. I love this painting girl! Looks amazing and the process sounds amazing. Way to go deep!!!