Monday, February 21, 2011

A Dream Comes True

Do you ever come across something, and it speaks SO loudly to you? So loud that you can't ignore it even for a second? It speaks so loud, from some deep down place, that you MUST have this in your life? You must pursue this dream, you cannot NOT have it?

Well, this happened to me two summers ago. I saw this post. And I knew, I just KNEW, I wanted this. And I dreamed about it. I waited for someone to create it. I hoped it would somehow find me.

And I waited... a whole year went by.

Then there was another post by the same group of lovely women. And the desire was louder, stronger... WAKE UP it said. You need this. But stop waiting, go, CREATE this!

What? Create it? Me? Well. Okay. I took a deep breathe and I put it out into the universe here.

And I dreamed some more, and I journaled about it, and I took a REALLY deep breathe and shared the idea with two friends. And they didn't tell me I was crazy. Imagine that. They said yes, go for it, and that they'd like to be part of it. Wow.

So I started planning, little by little, bits and pieces. And then got braver and put it out again into the world here.

But I was still scared. What if no one else wanted to come and play and be part of this dream? What if my inner critic pounced on me so hard that I was out for the count before I even began?

Those things didn't happen. Imagine that. Instead, my friends responded, their friends responded, and at one point I had more friends than space available... but things have a way of working out just right.

If you trust.

And let me tell you, trust was a huge part of this dream. HUGE!

So, from dream to reality. I have not quite landed back on Earth yet. It was a beautiful, surreal, magical weekend. I am truly blessed.

Thank you, to each of you, my Sisters, for such loveliness. Such wonderful, soul-filled Love and Connection.

So much love. So much gratitude.

Here's to believing in your dreams, being scared and moving towards them anyway.

Here's to trust. And to Love.


  1. wow, so amazing! beautiful Tracy!! I am so proud of you and so inspired by you and so grateful to you.
    thank you
    love you bunches

  2. Tracy!! This is beyond awesome!! I too am inspired by you and so, so, so very proud of you. And damn it--I wish I could have been there!!

    BIG BIG Hugs!

  3. What a great time this was. So fulfilling... what a wonderfully sacred space that was created so that we could share so much from the heart. Thank you so much Tracy. Big love to you!

  4. Yeah! I was thinking about you ALL WEEKEND! Oh, this looks amazing!

    Okay, you are my HERO ... I am so envious of you all ... and more determined than ever to make something like that happen in my life ... how wild that I read that same post about Lovebomb and was like "oh, yeah ... give me that!" And also waiting, hoping someone would organize it and resisting the thought that, well, it is mine to do? Now I will be picking your brain ... although, I really would rather fly out for your second retreat because those pictures are amazing.

    Okay, big sighs over here ... I am so proud of you ... I am SO Grateful to have you in my life. Mango sista, you ROCK!
    xo Lis

  5. I hadn't seen the LoveBomb blog post, but I did see the article in Somerset Studios or one of their magazines....and YES I longed for that too!!! I'm so very very proud of you for creating it in your own life! YOU are a LOVEBOMB baby!

  6. You found your tribe!!! What you did for yourself and for all of those women is AMAZING!!! Way to MAKE it happen. Way to put your BRAVE pants on! Way to TRUST your heart! I am SO HAPPY that THIS DREAM happened and filled your heart and soul with so much goodness! Thank-you SO MUCH for sharing! xo

  7. Tracy! I love this!!! I am so proud of you! I wish I lived by you girl! ;o)It looks so fun!

  8. omG!!!!

    i am SO happy!!!

    i am so OBLIVIOUS!

    where have i been? LOL.

    i'm totally jealous. i just had a craptastic weekend with rain and mosquitoes. i would TRADE my mozzie bites for a plate of that yummy grub and the beach!!

    you rock my world, sistah! awesomeness!!!

    big love...xoxoxoxo