Thursday, March 31, 2011

43 Paintings

I started a painting challenge for myself.
(click on those first words above to see her challenge)

43 paintings this year.

In honor of my 43rd birthday. I wrote a little about it already here.

This one, #6, is dedicated to her. Not only did she inspire me to start this challenge, her latest blog post and one of her paintings (the one of Sarasvati) even helped to undo a creative block, or wall, that I'd been up against for a few days. (i promise Lis not to rush ahead of you!)

Lis, thank you so much for your creative inspiration, your loving spirit, and your warm and generous friendship.

Painting #6 ~

Sarasvati is the Hindu Goddess of all arts: music, painting, sculpture, dance, and writing. She is credited with presenting the gift of writing to mankind so that her songs could be written down and preserved.

You can also see this one along with some other groovin' art from some fabulous artists, over here today at

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  1. ooooh, Tracy! i LOVE this.

    you and Lis are making me want to do a painting challenge too....

    ah, the agony!! LOL


  2. These are so beautiful.
    I love them both.
    I love the healing colours.