Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the joy of music

I have a very wonderful and generous friend who sent me over 50 tracks of music from Africa.

Habib Koite, Mali
Mose Fanfan, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Orchestra Baobab, Senegal
Tinariwen, Saraha Desert, northern Mali
Daudi Kabaka, Kenya
Femi Kuti, Nigeria
Kenge Kenge, Kenya

To name just a few.

There is something about the music coming out of that continent that brings me so much joy.

I love to paint while listening to the playlist he sent me.

I feel something deep within that stirs, my body moves, my soul smiles...

As most of the songs are not in English, it keeps me in my very right-brain-creative-space which is perfect for painting.
My creativity is tapped into twice.
Double creative power.

I made this for him as a small thank you... I'm pretty sure he's already received it, so I won't spoil the surprise by posting this here.

(this is also painting #5 in my 43 painting challenge this year)

And here's a song to inspire you, by Habib Koite, from Mali.

Joyful creating!


  1. Here's to the number 5! Here's to your beautiful friend! Here's to double creative power! Here's to Joy... and here's to you Tracy!!
    Love, Maryruthie

  2. Perfection Tracy! The colors, the words, the textures and feelings ...

    number 5? i briefly panicked as i couldn't remember how many paintings i have done ... hmm ... 5 with number 6 ready to begin. okay, don't take this the wrong way, but as your ELDER you must not pass me! nip at my heels, yes, but don't leave me in the dust! (Especially as i have an additional 6 paintings to do for my series!)

    xo Lis