Friday, March 11, 2011


Love makes the world go 'round.

That takes on a new meaning on a day like

Love is being sent in so many ways to Japan right now.

As it was, and still is, to New Zealand, to Australia, to Haiti...

That it takes something so huge, so devastating to wake us up to Love...

Perhaps it is because I lived in Japan for two years, that this reaches down deeper than the others.

And that, well, that's good.

It's good to be woken up. To stop. To shift my perspective. To appreciate this life. Right now.

To see the sunlight through the fog. To hear the creek gurgling nearby. To feel the coldness through my hands. To let go of the craziness of the early morning rush and routine. To breathe it all in. To really experience this moment. To not take it for granted.

To feel the love in my life.

To share that with others.

Sending my love 'round the world today.


  1. Such a beautiful post and beautiful painting! Love to you, Sister!!

  2. beautiful work! love really is the vibration, isn't it? it is what binds us all together even when that link can feel painful. it does seem like the Mother is letting us know who really is in charge of things ... and that we've been very disrespectful and unloving towards her.

    holding you in love, always!
    xo lis

  3. A lovely sentiment and page, Tracy! Thank you for the sweet blogiversary wishes and for your continued support. Hugs! Angelia

  4. Tracy you made me stop right in this moment right now....although Japan has been on my mind I don't know if I focused on least not yet. I've been so disturbed by what I've made my heart swell and I want to send the love out right now, this minute and in all the minutes I'm lucky enough to have. Love to you, sweet soul