Friday, April 22, 2011

Inside and Outside

Getting more comfortable with the whole self-portrait idea.

Here's me. I rather like this photo.

That's me on the outside.

But you know what?

Here's how I feel on the inside:

What I am feeling today, is that it would be quite fun to bring the inner me out into the world more.

Step by step.

Little by little.

I did this, right?

Hmmmm.... the possibilities!

How do you express your inner you on the outside?


  1. Lately I've been wearing a lot of pink.

    Crazy. But true!

  2. converse sneakers, headbands.

  3. very nice sister, and yes a good pic! blue hair bling, high heel boots, and jeans!

  4. Pretty portrait!!! :)

    Butterfly jewelry and painted toenails!

  5. Nice portrait, and I love the tattoo!!

    I use clothing and my personal sense of style as a creative form of self-expression.

  6. at the moment, lime-green nail polish. ;)

    LOVES that tattoo!!!!

    i'm working my way toward dreads...:)


  7. I love both versions of you! Incredible tattoo ... alas, my faded, old tattoo is in need of serious repair (although I fear they would tell me laser removal before doing more!) and I too would love dreads, but I think that is for a future life (the husband was not thrilled about the tattoo ... not sure his midwestern sensibilities could handle dreads)

    me? My jewelry, my color choices in clothes (blues & greens) and shoes are ways I share my brighter self. Oh yeah, blue nail polish :) although,lime green sounds like a springy change!

    i will take LOTS of pix of you in Sedona ... so get ready! xo Lis

  8. Great self portrait!And, your tattoo is magical & lovely! My tattoos are very much a way I wear my soul on the outside- visual reminders of my divine self.My jewelry is also a part of that dynamic.Oh, and lipstick!Just today I bought a new tube with the color "chocolicious"! :)

  9. Well right now the inner me is pretty squished tight in a little ball but sometimes I can hear and feel the singing and dancing going on out there and that inner me says-- I'll get out there too one of these bright shiny days/