Monday, April 11, 2011

Speak Your Truth

Have you ever been so completely inspired by someone, that you just don't think you have room for all the goodness?

That the beauty they create, the life they are leading, simply who they are, just penetrates so deeply into your own core that it forever changes you?

The knowing, deep, deep down, that there is some connection, between this person and you, not even sure what it is? But trusting it. Whether is be a small flame that lights your own fire, or a kindred spirit who you are destined to meet.

The feeling, that YES! Look at them go! If they can do it, I can do it too!

Have you ever experienced that?

A little over a year ago, I met someone like this in this fabulous online course called Mondo Beyondo (see HERE for more about that). She had recently jumped off the big risk cliff and started living her dream ~ she is an artist, painting at her home studio, following her heart, and putting her art out into the world. Within a year she had her own SOLO art show! And was interviewed on the TV news!

She is just so dang inspiring!

I know someday we will get to meet in person!

And oh, have I mentioned how beautiful and uplifting and moving her work is?

Oh my!

So, today, here, I am so thrilled to share her with you, Danielle Fraser of Her Painted Word. Make sure to check out her website, her Etsy shop, and her blog ~ all fabulous, fun places to visit!

She is also a very generous person! For the anniversary of her Etsy shop she was offering her prints 2 for the price of 1.

Oh my gosh, heaven! But because giving is just so much more fun than getting, I'm giving one away here!!! All you have to do is leave a comment below, share with us ~ how do you Express Your Soul? How do you love to create? What moves you and inspires your heart? How do you Speak Your Truth?

The winner will be drawn randomly at the end of the weekend ~ Sunday, so make sure you post a comment by Midnight, Saturday, April 16.

That beautiful print above? That's what you'll win!

Thank you Danielle, for all you are.


  1. Oh my goodness Tracy... I am deeply humbled, totally touched and on the brink of tears reading this. Thank-you so much for your kind and loving words. It is so beautiful to know that by living an authentic life you can touch the lives of others in this way. I also believe that we will meet some day, but until then I will keep your thoughtful words and your loving heart tucked inside my own.

    These days giving is what is inspiring me... to be a better person, to give what I need... Thank-you so much for sharing my ART with others and for writing such a heartfelt post. It has truly overwhelmed me. Thank-you for reminding me that I am on the right path.

    Danielle xoxo

  2. Danielle is truly a shining light in this world. Love this post, which does such justice to such a wonderful soul. Hope you get to meet each other one day

  3. Wow! i am SO inspired by Danielle's story and absolutely love her art -- thank you so much for introducing us...;)

    these days, speaking my Truth is all about letting go -- and opening myself up to the infinite possibilities...the Truth to be found in the beautiful 'maybe'...


  4. Beautiful painting! Ah speaking my truth, sometimes I still catch myself hiding, afraid of being me allowing myself to just be caught up in the other person as if who they are is also who I am. Still working on this.
    But for me creation comes through in my kitchen. I create food. And I don't follow the rules, even though my brain tells me I should. What inspires me is an inner desire to be more, to live a purposeful life that has meaning. Who inspires me? Well Tracy of course, her continual journey to express herself through art reminds me that I can create too. Then there are two other women, Marlene Holmes and Christina Alliende, these women are do believe are angels of peace and love. They inspire me to be a better person. They teach me to GIVE.

  5. I am moved and inspired by many healthy meals, doing yoga and meditating, learning to make jewelry and sew, art journaling, listening and dancing to music. I express my soul by asking myself what I really want to do instead of feeling obligated to do chores all the time. I am giving myself permission to play more and take breaks and relax.

    I do love that painting. Something about her eyes and that lovely little bird on her shoulder. Makes me happy.

  6. I love reading/seeing these stories ... gives me such hope for myself and being brave and joyful and sharing all this arty love ... you are like a flame that keeps lighting me up! Thank you for sharing this and Danielle!

    xo Lis

    (LOVE your selfies ... in addition to the earplugs for Sedona, be prepared to be photographed! I will have ALL my cameras ... hehe!)

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog all the passion and SOUL that is here!How do I express my soul?
    1. by being mySELF
    2. speaking my truth
    3. painting...creating...writing
    4. being in the moment
    5. being with my loved ones..appreciating and lOVING them fully for who they are
    6. standing up for what I believe

  8. A new visitor just dropping in to say, what a lovely weblog you have. Your paintings are beautiful, so full of colour and love.

  9. thank you all for the fabulous comments and especially for sharing how you express your soul! i'm in such good company!

  10. OOOH Beautiful!Thank you for sharing Danielle's work with us :)I am inspired by the moon,the wind,the mockingbird that's been singing outside my window the last few weeks.And,my creative life is so rich because of all the amazing women in my life!!Much magic to you,Tracy-

  11. Gorgeous work and so wonderful that you have shared it

  12. Oh Tracy!! This made me cry...I loved how you spoke about Danielle and then getting to visit her - well i am now a fan. Thank you for the intro to more fabulousness on this cyber playground.

    How do I express myself? I cartwheel and eat chocolate and then I speak from the heart...i don't lie ..if I love something...if something moves me I share it and I try REALLY hard to be good to myself (not beat the crap out of me like a mean Inner Critic) and I play. Play makes my world go around.

  13. Woo hoo! (I just saw Natasha up there...hi 'Tasha!)

    I am inspired by Danielle's story, by her willingness to move out into the world with her truth.

    As for me, I move when the music moves me, I sing, I plant, I paint/write/collage/touch/love when the moment seems right. I frequently fail to be the best I can be, but I am always striving for that. Life is good!

  14. Fab post! I express my soul through my art journaling (thank you Tracy for introducing me to this wonderful art) and my making. I have rediscovered my creativity since that fabulous trip to America last summer. It was definitley hiding, overshadowed by my job and general day-to-day life. Rediscovering it is the best thing that happened to me in a long time and now I express my soul and my truth through my art journaling, sewing, crochet and general making!

  15. Well, it's early Sunday morning, so maybe I'm too late, but I did want to say how much I love your open-ness and loving-ness and your generosity Tracy!

    I am learning more and more each day to speak my truth; the hardest part was learning to discover my truth!
    The Canadian told me last year "learn to BE the example you seek" (wise man sometimes, that husband!)
    I've been focusing on that, and I've realized that I am FAR more powerful than I ever even imagined!
    Now the task is to learn to step up and out INTO that power, to claim it, and to truly LIVE!