Friday, April 8, 2011

This and That

Thinking a little about duality lately.

How it locks us into this or that, either/or, black or white, dark or light, rich or poor...

Feeling like it's time, time to shift, to embrace both, all...

This AND that.

Each is part of the other.

We only know light because we have dark.
We can only feel happy because we know sadness.

What would it be like to hold the space for all of it?
To not be attached to only one way, but many.

It probably means being aware. Stepping back, paying attention.
Getting both chocolate AND vanilla in that cone.

Am I making any sense?

That's ok.

Here's what I've been doing.
Something a little different than painting. But not.

A little of this. A little of that.

What have you been creating these days?


  1. *GASP* - fantastic! I LOVE!! and embracing all of it. i think that's where we go wrong sometimes...favouring one over the other...

    um...ahem....not a whole lot...(externally, that is ;))

  2. Tracy, This is gorgeous! And what a great reminder...
    I just created a womb vessel... would so love to set aside more time to create. You are so inspiring! Much love!

  3. BEEEAAAUUUTIIIFUUL. I gasp along with Mel, having my breath temporarily taken away by your words and art. This is stunningly beautiful and certainly something that has been crossing my mind recently as well. What have I been creating? Awareness. :)

  4. holy bejeezus mother of all things holy! Tracy, I can't believe that all these years these fantastic creations have been inside of you! Jeezus Christ sister! I just am in awe of you!

  5. Okay, woman - I cannot keep up with you! Gasping along with Mel ... and marveling at the way our minds work, how duality has been knocking around my brain these past few months and then I come here and see such beautiful pieces! All one baby, all one!

    Makes me want to pop in my WAH! cd and just sing ... oh yeah, Sedona is going to be amazing! You had better bring earplugs 'cuz I will be asking you tons of questions!
    xo Lis