Friday, April 29, 2011

What Does Success Look Like for You?

I saw this question the other day, and I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time pondering it.

First I thought about it only in terms of work or career. Then I realized, well, no, success in life need not ~ should not ~ be limited to such a narrow path. So I opened the window, I thought about success in broader strokes, in bolder colors. Success in relationships, in creativity, in happiness, in the search for deep meaning in life…

Yes, it got metaphysical real fast.
But that’s what I do.


I went back to my original answer, which was ~

The freedom to choose.*

And realized this is what I mean when I open it up to all areas of my life:

To choose my best creative self at all times.

Oh I just love that! So what does that look like? Well, before I begin...

A small digression is needed here. Consider it the backfill.

When we had that super moon and vernal equinox together last month, something shifted for me. It felt like some small little seed was planted deep within.
(and no I’m not pregnant, so it wasn’t that kind of seed, focus people!)

It was something that I could feel, but was still a mystery to me. I could perhaps tell you what color the seed is, the shape, the texture. But I’ve been at a loss as to describe what’s inside. Which means I must wait. I must be patient. I must water that little seed, give it plenty of sunlight, not let the cats dig in the soil or knock it over, and tenderly await those first green tendrils reaching towards the light.

The most amazing thing?

I am enjoying this. The anticipation. The quietness and being-ness of this moment.

A new experience for me, who likes to have the goal reached “right now!”

But you what I do know? Getting back to the main story here…
I know, really, it’s related to ~ wait for it ~ my soul’s purpose.


Yep. It’s that big.

And it feels entirely related to that question up at the top ~ What Does Success Look Like for You?

I think those first little green tendrils have emerged since that first day of spring, because here is what has flowed out in just one day.

{I share this with you in tenderness, and with a bit of shaky-shaky nervousness, but I know that it’s time for me to start defining this new thing, and by speaking it out loud ~ on this blog ~ I am believing in it, I am giving it form, I am trusting that the most beautiful flowering plant or tree is growing towards its own majestic and fruitful potential. So thank you for your love and support in advance.}

What Does Success Look Like for You?

I create art.
I create because it fills me up like nothing else. Because it’s how I express my soul. It’s how I express love. I create art through divine connection. I create art from an intuitive, process-driven place. I create because now that I’ve started, I can’t stop.

I share my art.
Because it inspires others to create their art. Because it adds beauty and soul to this world. I sell my art. Because it supports me and my family. Because it affirms that what I do has value out there in this world.

I inspire others.
I create ways to inspire others. Through my words. Through my actions. Through how I express myself in my life. Through my choices on a daily basis ~ healthy organic food, fun funky clothes, a colorful artful home, kind and loving words, sincere and authentic relationships. I create inspirational and beautiful things. I sell these creations so that others may be inspired. Because what I create has value and it is needed, at this time more than any other, out there in this world.

I teach others how to tap into THEIR creative source.
I have a lifetime of stories and a path that shows others, it is possible, that reaching for what you love is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself and the world. I give others permission to create. To experiment with art, opening themselves up to their soul’s expression. I also have a goofy sense of humor that makes learning all of this fun. That too needs to be shared. And I am paid to do this, because there is a great need for this right now, and there is great value in what I have to offer others.

I connect with others and I connect others.
I am a spider, I am the web, weaving together strands of love and encouragement, and sisterhood and friendship, and spirit. We are all on this path, it is for everyone who is ready. We are a tribe of soul-seekers, ready to join up together in a powerful and joyful way!

That is success.

That is my success.

Thank you for witnessing it.
Thank you for sharing this path with me.

And, the ultimate freedom of choice? Dreadlocks. I’m going to have them again some day. Just so you all know, in case you need to prepare yourself for that or get used to the idea, now you have some lead time and it won’t be such a shock to you. {grin}


  1. WOW!!!! you are some seriously fan-freakin-TASTIC!!! yes, yes, yes, YES!! to all those are, you are you ARE!!

    i am SO honoured to have met you and to have joined in with your are a marvel to witness.

    DREADS!!!! *squeeeeeee* - you and me both, sistah!!!!


  2. This is such a wonderful definition of success and I see that you are already well into achieving exactly this.
    I agree with Mel and want to say exactly the same thing that she has said.
    Thanks for your encouragement on my nose to the grindstone journey to write my play. You have no idea how your visits and comments--and your kind words in reference to my ramblings help me stay with it.
    Huge thanks

  3. I got goosebumps when I was reading your description of the shift that happened at the super moon/equinox for you.Goddess sister, you are on a super magical path! :) I read this earlier today & it inspired me to write like crazy. Thank you!! Blessings-

  4. I love this! So true and I am excited for you to be finding your way! xo

  5. This is who you have been for me throughout Deep and beyond ...

    yes, I am with Angela and the goosebumps over here ... I so know that feeling of a seed inside, something manifesting but not sure what and my usual impatience to have it all mapped act and well on its way to completion. The greatest gift has been a willingness to let go and allow things to unfold and to feel myself in process ...

    My heart is so full right now ... I am so excited to be witnessing your journey ... what really speaks to me is this: "that reaching for what you love is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself and the world."

    Beautifully put. That is the white, hot truth isn't it?

    xo Lis

    (I am so envious of everyone's dreadlock plans ... I guess I will stand out by not having them!)