Friday, May 6, 2011

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I got myself into a little bit of creative overwhelm over here. Lined up some juicy painting goals. Determined to participate in weekly blog sharings and challenges. Daily art journal pages. Weekly art journal prompts. Oh, and creating a new business. You, know the usual things.

Did I mention the other stuff of daily life? Family, work, friends, a house to see to, quiet time, processing old old emotions that seem to be hanging around everywhere these days...


Bonkers. White jackets. Yep. Gotta be careful.


Instead of trying to do it ALL I decided to just stop.

Today, in my effort to do that, I painted my toe nails and looked at lifestyle magazines while sitting in the sun. There was a cool breeze. My son was watering plants, his toys, and his shoes. All was good.

Ah. That's better.

And for the weekend? No goals. No creative plans. No push.

Here's what IS happening:

Listening to some groovin' music by three fabulous school teachers, celebrating our wedding anniversary (i don't know where, my husband planned it~squee!), and doing ABSOLUTELY nothing all day Sunday (my kind of Mother's Day).


White jacket avoided. For now.

How are you slowing down and letting go of getting everything done?

Remember, it's supposed to be fun.


  1. pretty much poised for the white jacket brigade myself -- set myself up with FAR too much and had myself 'a moment' this i TOTALLY painted my toenails too!!! must be the official antidote for creative lunacy...

    *deep breath*

    'nothing' sounds pretty fine...


  2. The white jacket brigade have a van permanently parked outside my house darlin so I know how you feel. Bless you on this little minisabbatical from as Mel says so perfectly above creative lunacy. Of course you will be back after a little r and r. Love you lots

  3. I love this Tracy! It's so true. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we "have" to do that we forget that life is supposed to be fun. Enjoy your weekend. You'll get it all done in due time and because you are honoring your soul it will be done better! xo

  4. ah - i'm with you - we seem to set ourselfs too many goals, too many things to do, to achieve - but we need to allow lots of empty space into our lifes and then the wonderful creativity has enough room to bloom.

  5. me again - been looking around your blog and what can i say - SNAP to the questions, to the quest, to art - yipee - love finding like minded people - feels really good.

  6. Toe nails painted over here ...

    White jacket in the closet, threatening me ...

    It is supposed to be fun, thank you for that reminder! Does a half day at the nature center with 17 kindergarteners constitute fun or lunacy? Still pondering that ... and recovering ...

    Hope you have a lazy day yesterday ... my mother's day was a wonderful lull in the craziness :)

    xo Lis

  7. hi there, over from mel's...

    just a couple of weeks ago i learnt to daydream again. isn't crazy how determined we are to take the fun out of creativity?

  8. Hope you had fun on your anniversary! What is your new business?