Thursday, May 12, 2011

Art Journaling

(this was from Wednesday, it disappeared into a Blogger void, but was restored, hurray!)

There is something about Art Journaling... it takes you very deep...

Words sometimes just don't do it justice.

Here is a collage of images from an art journal I started this fabulous weekend, I just finished working on it this week.

To learn how to make your own 16-page journal ~
visit Teesha Moore ~ she is an Art Journaler Divine!

What are you creating this week my dear friends?

I am also working on posting my first ever vlog. Yes, you heard it here first. But I'm having technical difficulties. It's going to have to wait until I have more time to work those out. Stay tuned!


  1. Tracy! *wags finger sternly* -- youtube - 'record from webcam'....


    AWESOME pages! wowzahs!! what am i creating? an unholy mess..that's what. just workin' on getting my head out of my..ahem...out of the clouds. :D


  2. Hi Tracy,
    I love your journal pages! I would love to see some of them a little more closely. Any chance for some close ups?

    I am equally impressed that you made the journal. I watched the video and thought..."Um, too much work!" ;o)