Friday, May 20, 2011

Breaking Through

I've been noticing just how many limiting thoughts I have been carrying around for, oh, you know, most of my life.

There's a lot! Wow.

Feeling like it's time to let some of them go. Actually, many of them.

Wanna hear a few?

*i shouldn't try to be funny because i will most likely hurt someone when all i'm trying to do is add a little lightness to life

*my introverted withdrawn nature means i will never be understood completely and will keep me from connecting deeply and meaningfully with others

*i must set goals and work hard to get what i want in life, because success only comes to those who have plans (linear, organic, or otherwise, but plans)

*i am emotionally needy and make a bad friend (better to keep to that withdrawn nature)

*there are only two ways to have a creative life: have a job that supports this creativity, or start a creative business that will then end up taking away from my creative time

*what you see is what you get

*teletransport only happens in the movies and books (Shamsi, right?)

*people will never learn that love is the way, that peace is possible

*that i am not enough

Your list may differ.

What limiting thoughts do you lug around with you? Wanna let them go?

Let's do it!

So, letting them go, doing some big releasing over here.

Fire works well for this I find.

What do you want to release? How will you go about it? Please share!


In the meantime, tending to my creative self.

Here's the latest of my 43 paintings for my 43rd year.
(you can see the others over HERE)

I thought it was #12, but lo and behold, it's #13.

Lucky #13.

Synchronicity at work.

Have a lovely day!


  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET'EM GO! :) But I am still working on transporter technology. You know, just in case the rapture doesn't happen tomorrow ;-) Right there with you girl :) Glad we're walking this path together. Kind of rocks... this whole 'together' thing. Who knew?

  2. Wow, I so know what you are talking about with the one 'I shouldn't try to be funny..."

    btw, I so believe in my heart that you can deeply connect with other people and be understood!!! :)

  3. Well you know I can relate to all of those hypothetical standards! I guess all I can do is continually catch myself and consider the absurdity of them. For example, I have this idea unless I studied something and at an early age (piano lesson at 6; I started when I was 13) then it is too late for me and I have no business or hope of developing my skills. Then i realize I did start taking photography classes throughout high school and then college and STILL I doubt myself. So the later negates the former and now i am so confused, hell, just do what is fun!

    You would really enjoy Jen Lee's Finding Your Voice workbook as she addresses all the sources of our limiting beliefs.

    xo Lis

  4. wow - i recognize a few of those...oh, wait - ALL of those.

    yeppers, i could do with a great fecking bonfire,methinks..