Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Weekend ~ Part 1

Last weekend I attended my annual family reunion.

Okay, well, that's what some call it.

Tribal Fest 11. The first belly dance festival devoted to Tribal style belly dance, on it's 11th year this year.

Did you know that I belly danced for 12 years? (you can see me here at last year's festival)

I did.

I'm taking a break right now. After many years of dancing, and several years of teaching and leading a troupe, I decided to take a break. It felt like time. It was a decision that challenged me in many ways. Sometimes though, when you pay attention, you realize that one thing must end, so another can begin.

However! I still love the vibe of tribal style belly dance (there are as many styles of belly dance as there are grains of sand on a beach!) and especially the vibe of Tribal Fest. There is just something about it...

One lovely thing about it is that it takes place in the town of Sebastopol, in northern California. A smallish town, funky, alternative, semi-rural... groovin'!

I may not be dancing, but I think this festival will be a part of my life for as long as it continues. I'll go into that a little bit more in the next post!

Come back again for Part 2 ~ the festival vibe post! And Part 3 ~ the dancers post!

For now, enjoy Sebastopol!

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