Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Weekend ~ Part 2

Last weekend I got to hang out with some of the grooviest folks ever!

My absolute favorite festival, Tribal Fest 11, happened last weekend.

You can read a little more about it here. It's a festival for tribal style belly dancers.

There is a VIBE at this festival, this festival for dancers that goes beyond the dance. It is a community, a tribe, a family of women and some men. It is alternative, fun, colorful, supportive, rockin', risk-taking, brash, and just plain lovely. I feel challenged, and totally comfortable, all at the same time. Something akin to, "these are my PEOPLE!"

And you know? More than anything?
I'd love to bring that groovin' vibe to where I live.
Some how... some day...

For now, I wanted to share a little of that here in this space.

(And don't forget to come back for Part 3 ~ the dancers!)

Thanks for stopping by!

What's inspring you these days?


  1. Awesome pics! Sounds like a fun time!!!!

  2. These are gorgeous photos!Loving the way they showcase the diversity of what the eye could take in while wandering around Tribal Fest-