Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Weekend ~ Part 3

The past couple days I've been sharing my LOVE of Tribal Fest, the alternative dance festival for tribal style belly dancers. You can see Part 1 HERE, and Part 2 HERE.

Today, I'm sharing the dancers.

Ahhh, they are so amazing and inspiring!

Now, a little bit of background is in order I think. When many people hear the words Belly Dance, there is often a common image that comes to mind: sequins, flesh, dollar bills... but Tribal Style Belly Dance? This is a whole 'nother thing entirely! I won't go into the whole history of it, but if you'd like to learn more, here is a good place to start.

For Tribal Fest, dancers come from all over the world ~ Japan, Australia, Italy, the U.K., to name just a few. And dancers have interpreted the word *tribal* in many ways! It's a colorful mix of dance styles, music, and cultures. And pretty much the fringe side of belly dance. I think you'll be surprised and delighted!

Okay, but, before I get to the photos, there is one sad note. We raced across the state to get there in time to see Kundalini Belly Dance Tribe (the troupe I used to dance with). Only to get there 5 minutes too late! Wah! There was a no-show and they got bumped up on the schedule, so we missed them! Major disappointment!

So, all right, now, on to the photos!

The first photo is of Kajira Djoumahna, she's on the left, the Goddess-Queen who started this whole festival eleven years ago! Thank you Kajira, for bringing such beauty to this world!

The second photo is of Carolena Nericcio, center, usually credited for starting this whole Tribal Style movement! She's amazing. If you are ever in San Francisco, make sure you take the time to see her and Fat Chance Belly Dance perform. Stunning! It was one of their performances that got me into belly dance classes in the first place. Thank you Carolena, for inspiring so many of us!

The third photo is of
Zoe Jakes. She is a Tribal Fusion dancer. Innovative, daring, and a sensational dancer! Her performance is like a theatrical show, amazing!

I don't have names for all the rest of the dancers, but check out the Tribal Fest 2011 You Tube channel over the next few days (they are adding more each day). You can watch them in action!


Kajira of Black Sheep Belly Dance

Carolena of Fat Chance Belly Dance

Zoe Jakes

Some skeleton dancers that were part of Zoe Jakes' set



  1. Well, I have to felt weird to see you at TF and not be WITH you! I really enjoyed our TF weekends together. Wish we could have spent more time together, but I'm glad to see you had a fabulous time!!! Awesome really captured the magic of it all! Miss you Tracy!

  2. You got some amazing shots of the dancers!Tribal Fest was so awesome & I am already planning on it for next year :)