Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vlogger Virgin No More

Finally, at last, after technical difficulties on my end and technical difficulties on Blogger's end, here it is.

I vlogged.

Yep. I did it.
Can you believe it?

I was nervous, I spoke quite fast, mumbled, and am not loud enough at times. (So turn up the volume if you want hear what I'm saying.)

But you know what? I had fun! Who knew.



I have these lovely women to thank:
Angela, Lis, Mel, and Natasha. You can go over to their blogs to thank (blame) them.

Thank you LOVELY ladies for inspiring me to jump on this band wagon.
It's one groovin' rockin' band and I'm quite happy to be part of it.
Who knew I'd have fun doing this!

Oh, and I also mention the most fabulous teacher ever, Miss Connie H. over at Dirty Footprints Studio. Please go visit her and give her some love.

And Lis? I luv you. Don't un-friend me, k? {grin}

My First Vlog from tracy carlton on Vimeo.


  1. WOOOOOOT!!!

    Bashy says: "Oh! Wow! Nice hat!"


    awesomeness, awesomeness...LOVE it! i'm SO glad to have *met* you.


    aimless we may be, but we totally freakin' brilliant at it...

    BIG love to you, my Warrior sistah!

  2. Tracy!!!! HI!!!! So good to see and hear you! It's so exciting that you've done your first vlog!! Woohoo!! I'm in awe! (I hope one day soon I can work up the nerve...gulp!) You rock on sister!!! HUGS!!!!

  3. It was nice to hear your voice and listen to you express where you are right now with the creative journey. I think that reflecting, questioning, doubting,drifting, and struggling are all part of the process of expanding one's inner life and deepening one's knowledge of self. Often the darker emotions that are the most painful--the disappointment and the frustration, can lead to the deepest most meaningful expression.

  4. How ...HOW did it take me this long to get here????? Tracy!!! i loved SEEING YOU...YOU are peace in the middle of a have this storm of creative energy whirling around you and yet you have SUCH peace in your voice..calm,, my friend, are good for the soul...and I BELIEVE those turkey vultures were flying low so you would see their wings and remember YOU have your own and your just getting ready to use them and that can be scary but don't worry - we've got you...the world needs to see you fly...someone is waiting on a porch or driving their car or about to turn on the computer and they have no idea they've been waiting to be inspired by YOU...just like I am love to you sweet sistah!