Friday, June 10, 2011


I feel like I've been away so long. Perhaps it hasn't been all that long. Time is all a matter of perception anyway. So it FEELS like a long time.

Life is crazy in our neck of the woods. Having our only bathroom torn apart and put back together (an improved version ~ yay!). However. That means staying at my mom's house. While still driving up and down the mountain to check on cats. Trips to the big box hardware store. Child to day care. Work. Sleeping in a different bed.


I've been making super duper extra effort to squeeze in some quiet moments of me time during all of this. In the past? Would have just succumbed to the disorderly life and gone batty. This time, making sure I breathe. Create a little art here and there. And find peace and quiet in the corners. What a difference!

During all this?

Also remembering to BE.
Just BE.
Letting go of movement forward. Goals. Inspiring. Striving. Planning.

What a PROFOUND shift. And GIFT!

Finding JOY in BEing. Watching the dust fairies in the sunlight. A hot cup of tea in my hands. And knowing that I am enough right where I am right now.

I think I would like to BE this way more often. Bliss!

Here is something I created, in this BEing state of mind and heart. I wanted to share it with you. Instead of stressing about keeping to my 43 paintings while displaced from my home, I packed only a wee little art journal and some pens.

Below, this was inspired by something I learned, from 3 Little Words, over at the fabulous 21 Secrets playground. {GREAT news, it's been extended until December!!! Go, sign up, you'll have so much fun!} I've also been very inspired by this book, Poemcrazy. A wonderful gift from this Goddess. I didn't realized I liked poetry. Hmmm. Will wonders never cease. {Grin}


How will you...
Tapping the creative
Perfect place to...
Go ahead


Blessings to you, in all your BEingness. May you find Joy wherever you are, in whatever your doing, but especially in your Being.



  1. Wonderful concept..just BE! I remind myself from time to time that while it is great to have goals and future aspirations, life is not those things. Life is what is happening right now. I'm happy right now. I may be pushing myself to grow and change but that does not mean that this moment and that I am not simply perfect. It is good to enjoy the moment. :-) Love your drawing by the put a lot of spirals in your art, I always notice them and feel so connected and drawn to them. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for blessing my day! I am sitting on the terrace, you know where, feeling the wisdom of your words (and this internet connect so far away) and just dripping in the goodness of life. I love your poem! I am finding words, like colors, textures, media, are wonderful to play with. My writing is really just a collage of sensations, thoughts, emotions.

    Hugs to you in this moment, the only moment, that matters.

    ciao bella!

    xo Lis

  3. This is sooo beautiful! And though I haven't been striving neither have I allowed that magical pause to just BE.Thank you for the reminder.YEAH FOR ALL THE MAGIC FOUND IN A PEN! :) Blessings-

  4. to just BE is a great gift!!! I am in BIG and Connie shared your blog link in our online chat tonight!! i love your blog!