Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dream Seeds

This is the second part of this story.
Did you catch the first part? Click here, then come back to this page to continue.

20 years ago.


that many?


i had this exquisite adventure.

6 weeks.

it probably changed my life.

but in ways i was not even aware of.

and then a couple years ago, something resurfaced, and i was reminded of this special time in my life.

my heart did a little lurch.

there's more to this of course.

keep coming back!

it's kinda cool.


PS ~ note to self: 20 years ago? i was hot! why didn't i think so?
so, self? in 20 years,
please do not look back and wish that you had thought you were hot now.
ok. promise.


  1. WOW!

    i was so, like, what's with the giraffe? but i was all over staying for the tour...


    hell yeah!!

    "beware of hippos" -- i'm DYing...that's so cool!!

    now i'm on the edge of my seat....

    big love...xoxox

  2. Tracy I have no idea what you are talking about, but about the last part, you ARE hot! Remember that!

  3. OOOH a mystery!!My scorpio self LOVES those :)
    These pics are awesome & so telling of a transformative experience. Can't wait to know more!

  4. i think we are soul twins - part of my heart lives in africa.... this is exciting!!!