Saturday, June 25, 2011


(i have given into the Blogger/html/code/spacing gods, cannot format this post the way i want for some reason, however it appears on your screen, just know, there is some great lesson i am meant to be learning from this, i'll let you know if i EVER figure it out!)


Here we are, part 5.


In case you've just joined us, here's the background: parts one, two, three, and four.

So, last year, one of my Mondo Dreams was to create a gathering of women.
A place and time where we could connect, create, laugh, dream, and just be.
You can read all about it here.

It was magical!
More than I could have ever hoped for and imagined!
And one of my biggest motivators for it?


Yep. Squishy, gooshy, sisterly love.
I wanted to create a space for it, a vibe of it, and to share it all over the place.
I think it worked.

AND, it was also about following a dream. Trusting an inner voice, saying YES, do this!

I want to mention this here, because it just is screaming inside me to include this, that there is something so amazingly beautiful about opening up to your dreams. Creating a safe space to let yourself believe in the impossible. Honoring that little voice that's trying to tell you, that YES, there is much, much more to this life than meets the eye. That yes, you have dreams, and they are seeking you as much as you are seeking them. And that believing in those dreams, and trusting them, and taking little steps to make them happen, invites in the most delicious synchronicities and opportunities! When you listen, when you trust, when you hold those dreams close to your heart and say YES?

Magic, baby, magic!

This seemingly neverending tease of a story is really what this is all about.

Following my dreams. And joining up with others who are following there's.

If we all dream together?
POWERFUL sh*t happens.
It really does.

Okay, so where was I? That's right, LOVE!

One of the things I did to tangibly share my love at that fabulous gathering of sisters was to make and give away something as a present ~ as in "this-is-an-incredibly-small-token-but-a-big-thank-you-for-coming-and-oh-my-gosh-i'm-so-blessed" kind of present.

As in, this is how I express MY soul, this is my creativity soaring high, kind of thing.

This is what I made:

Had never ever done anything like it, ever. I can't even remember how I decided that I needed to make something like that. I just did. It was one of those anxst-free moments of Creative Wildness and I just went for.

It felt GREAT!

And now, I'm branching out.

It's time to put more LOVE out into the world.

AND, yes, all these threads are going to be woven together into one scrumptious reveal!

Are you ready? Are you with me?

This feels like this is going to be one of the most important things I ever do.


So, thank you for following along, patiently waiting {grin}.

Next post my dear friends.

The big reveal!


  1. This is seriously driving me crazy Tracy!! Crazy!

    BIG Hugs, Connie

  2. yeah...I'm with Connie....I HATE secrets (in a good way)! Hee!

  3. you are truly quite rotten.


    i'm DY-ing.



  4. I HONESTLY cannot stand the wait any longer!!!! AGH!!!!!!!