Monday, June 13, 2011

There is the most amazing event taking place in Vancouver B.C., one I have a feeling you'll want to support.

Go on, take a look, over at Wet Ink Collective and the Artists for Art Sake Fundraiser.

We all KNOW that art and creativity are not just frivilous sidebar moments of life, they are what life is all about, despite what some folks in high places want you to believe.

Show your support, share your belief in art, spread the word... art heals, art saves, art connects ~ to ourselves, to each other, to the world.

Thank you!


  1. Did you paint this bird? It's beautiful!! I will check out the event you're talking about - I have a few friends that live in Vancouver. My husband and I visited a couple summers ago and fell in love with the place - a great artist scene there!

  2. oh my goodness! i need to credit the photo! not mine, Lynna's! she's the one! creating link now!