Monday, July 11, 2011

Your Heart's Desire

Do you follow your heart? Do you know how to listen to it? Do you take the time to really hear what it's telling you?

I used to think that the only way to hear what my heart had to say was to be alone, and have silence all around.

Being outside in nature was also required.

Lots of shoulds. And I would get stressed out because I didn't have enough time in my day to create these exact conditions.

You know, with a job, and a young child, and a small house... lot's of reasons. Or excuses.

I would get all sad and frustrated,
"How will I EVER know what my heart yearns for? I'll NEVER know!"


I have realized, slowly, oh so slowly, that my heart tells me ALL the TIME what it wants.


That's right. So does yours.

You wanna know the secret?

It's your body.

Your magical, imperfect, too many pounds, too much sugar, not enough sleep body.


FEEL it. Every single moment.

What are you doing right now? Reading this, right?
How does your body feel?

Tense? Relaxed? Energized? Tired? Bored?

See, those feelings, that's your heart trying to communicate with you. Trying to tell you something. How you FEEL about something, those are your guide posts. These feelings, if you follow the ones that make you feel ALIVE and ENERGIZED and AWESOME? If you do the things that bring you those feelings?



These heart necklaces? They make me feel warm and fuzzy for all the good that is coming out of them. They were fun to make. They were relaxing to make. They filled me up with LOVE, and they continue to.

MAJOR Heart communication happening around this adventure.

I listened. I really listened. It's been amazing.

Oh, and I have to tell you about another one:

I had no intention of signing up. Not that it didn't sound completely AMAZING. Oh, no, it sounded fantastic! But I was too busy.
Too many other things going on.

Even though my body nearly jumped into the computer when I read about it one day.

Oh. Right. Listening to my body.


Here's my journal cover for the course:

And this week's element? Earth. And our body.

Could it more perfect?

I think not.

Click here to learn more. You have until July 15th to register. And I'm just spreading the word cuz you need to meet Effy. She's amazing. And real.
And full of LOVE.

Are you listening to your body? To your heart?

What is it trying to tell you?

PS Nine necklaces to go. Nine! In two weeks we have almost met our goal of 50 necklaces, $1000!! I can't believe it! Well, actually I can. You all rock! Who's it gonna be? Go here to get yourself one (to keep, or to give away some LOVE) and here to read the story of how it came to be.

LOVE to you all!


  1. LOVE this...

    LOVE you...

    i'm in deep body-heart-soul immersion at the moment...just peering out of my cave long enough to send you some LOVE...


  2. i very very very muchly like the cover of that book. I liked it SO Much that i had to zoom in and take a closer peek.

    very cool pimping job, indeedy. I want to pimp one now too :)

    be well, my body earth friend,

  3. Your journal is looking quite magical!!
    AAAH sometimes,well,maybe most of the time, I feel like my body overwhelms me with messages. I have a hard time keeping up!
    Blessings & hope those magical hearts move right on out into the world by the full moon tomorrow night!!!

  4. Tracy - I read this the other morning and I can't tell you how timely the message to listen to our body/heart was for me!!! It immediately got me out of the blah funk I had been in and put me back on the right track!! Thank you! You rock! And I am SO excited that there are just a few more hearts looking for good homes!!! EEEEEEHH!!! Happy dance!!