Monday, July 18, 2011

LOVE Always Wins*

*this quote, i believe, is from jen lemen, and seen often in kelly rae robert's work (and they are friends, so this makes much sense)

It's official. The LOVE Revolution is a SUCCESS.

Had you any doubt.

I did. And now, in much gratitude, I don't.

Have any doubt, I mean.

I had planned on peddling the last 9 necklaces today. Because on Saturday at 4:00pm, there were still 9 left. I was getting worried.

It's true.

Not sure how to get the word out about those last 9. Even though I had a goal of 50 necklaces in one month, and it wasn't even 3 weeks yet. EVEN THOUGH I had already sold 41 necklaces. EVEN THOUGH plenty of folks had mentioned that they were going to buy one but just hadn't yet. I still worried. I fretted. I doubted. Yep. I did.

Can you say "half empty" perspective?

I was going to share delightful photos of delicious Sisters wearing these beautiful necklaces as a way of enticing folks to get those last 9.

But. Oh Meeee of little Faith. Ha!

(I will still share the pics, they are fun, keep scrolling down.)

As it turns out, I was asked by a lovely Sister to bring some necklaces to an awesomely powerful gathering. The necklaces didn't make it powerful, but the women there certainly did. And 4 necklaces found loving homes. And while all that was happening, 3 more were selling online. And suddenly. There was one.


And, in an instant. That last one was gone!


50 necklaces.

50 hearts.

50 declarations of love.

50 love notes on their way around the world.

In LESS than 3 weeks!!!!!!

I truly believe those necklaces are so FULL of LOVE that international and domestic postal workers will FEEL the LOVE this week. Yes, that powerful.

And what can I say?

I LOVE each and every single one of you so much for making this happen. I am so amazed and blown away by the generosity, the LOVE, and the beauty of you all.

And I have much gratitude.

And, this, of course, is just the beginning.

The beginning of the FUNdraising for Twiga.
The beginning of the LOVE Revolution.
The beginning of me putting my art out into the world.
The beginning of a friggin' new world (while we're at it).

And I am so excited to be here with you doing this.

What shall we do next!?

Oh, and by the way. If you missed out. If you were waiting for payday. Or forgot. Or needed the moon to be in a different phase (which I TOTALLY get). It's not too late.

All you have to do is email me:

I'll make more. I'll send you one. The money still goes to the children of Kisii.

The LOVE goes far beyond.

(I will however not be doing it through Etsy. I'm thinking it's time to put my art in that Etsy shop, but that's for another post ~ grin.)


Here's some beautiful Souls wearing their necklaces. Watch out for those 3 in the last one. POWERFUL friggin' witches them. (And, of course, I LOVE all these beautiful Sisters so much.)


  1. Awesome Tracy! You have no idea how inspired I am by this! And here I was waiting to buy the last one! (I know all about deadlines, waiting to see if I will make it under the wire ...) If you want to add one more ... you've got my email.

    I think it is sunnier outside today. Ah, that's your glow!

    xo Lis

  2. Dang girl! I've got tears welling up in my eyes - this post fills me up with such love and joy!!! I think I'm gonna go hug a mail carrier while I'm at it!!! Love you, your big heart and your pretty little hearts of joy!!!

  3. Yeah!! Magic happens :) You are a vibrant example of the goddess in action. Much love back to you!

  4. right fucking ON, Sistah!!

    this is brilliant. made my otherwise-i'm-a-roaring-cranky-pants day!!!!

    i'll be watching my mailbox!!



  5. Tracy, this just so totally rocks my boat in its affirmation of the power of love and intention. A GINORMOUS hug to you for following through and letting the Spirit guide you so beautifully.