Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Not-Good

So even though I'm still floating on all this heart LOVE over here, I have also been inspired by some other juiciness today.

Did you know that no one is perfect?
You did realize that, yes?

I certainly have taken my time in applying this to my life. From putting others up on pedestals to being so very darn harsh towards myself when I make mistakes.

But I'm learning. Thank goodness.

I was reading this absolutely lovely blog post today, and this awesome one here, and it got me thinking, how much of the blehcky stuff do I share? How often do I allow myself to be a beginner? Not a lot and not always.
Oh yah!

Time to change that.
Time to let go of worrying about what others think for gosh sakes.
Finally, right?

Here's some of the most gawd-awful expression I have at the moment.

See, told you.

What the HELL is it?

I dunno.

I've painted over it several times.

And it sits. And sits.
And I have no idea what it wants to say.
But maybe I haven't given it enough time, to really truly hear what it has to say.
Because, seriously, I'm avoiding it like mad.

R'roh Shaggy.

We all know what THAT means.


Will not keep avoiding the messy stuff.

How about you?
Got any dark, weird, ugly, frightening things you're avoiding these days?

Tell me your story.
It's what we're about folks.

It's all good.

It truly is.

Hugs and LOVE to you!
(click on that LOVE and you'll find yerself in a FUN and LOVE-filled adventure, join us won't you?)


  1. WOOT!!!

    you rock. in so many ways.

    i'm sure if you give it a day or so....it'll reveal itself to you.

    or not.

    either way - it rocks.

    here's to the messy!!!

    love, love, LOVE...xoxoxoxo

  2. Love that you shared your "R'roh." I think our quirks, our mistakes,our seeming uglies, actually add to our spirit,makes us even more magical,authentic & unbelievably beautiful!!