Monday, July 4, 2011

One Week Later...

Whoo HOO!

One week later... we're over half way there!

27 Necklaces going out to 27 Lovely people.

27 LOVE connections ready to go.

27 YESSES to this LOVE Revolution!

And one donation from someone who doesn't really wear necklaces but wants to share the LOVE anyway! (how awesome is that?)

I LOVE you ALL!!!!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Did I also mention that this is SO much fun!?

Let's keep this movement going, can we do this in just TWO weeks?

23 to go.


Let's make this LOVE Revolution ROCK!

Click HERE to get yourself some LOVE and to SEND some LOVE and to share the LOVE.


  1. WOOT!!!

    i am SO jazzed to see the LOVE bubbling up...

    so much JOY!!!


  2. This is very cool. I need to stop commenting and buy one already. I am so lame. I am so broke. I will follow the link, i bet even i can afford one of these guys.
    regardless, i am So glad you are doing this. I need to link to this in a blog post so that more people know you are doing this.