Thursday, August 25, 2011


Earlier this year I participated in Deep, an online painting - um, course, just doesn't describe it - life-changing experience. Yes. There we go. That's it.

My devotion for this experience was Love.

And it is also one of my intentions for the year (which I set way back at the end of December).

To see the world through the eyes of Love.

Sure. It sounds good. Putting it into practice of course is the real journey.

But I think I'm doing all right. There was this gathering
here. All about Love.

And this Revolution
here. Defined by Love.

Love has definitely gotten hold of me.


In the Deep experience, we created our Devotional painting ~

This was mine. My cloak of Love. Draped across my shoulders, giving me super-powers of Love. Lifting me up, flying me high.
It hangs on my living room wall, right above my computer. It helps me remember, even when, especially when, I forget to see life through the lens of Love.

Sometimes I need that reminder, because it's easy to get caught up in other stuff, less than loving stuff.

I've been looking at that painting a lot recently, because I was given a gift, an opportunity - the perfect chance to remember my devotion. A gift that could be seen as hard, or uncomfortable, or challenging. And instead, I've been able to see it through the eyes of Love. I've been able to recognize Love, and for that I am so thankful, so grateful. For this beautiful reminder.

So here is to embracing a vision of Love.

Enveloping you all in my Love. In my Cape of Love. There's room for us all. Let's soar together.


  1. It's gorgeous!

    I agree, BIG...DEEP...they are not courses they most definitely without a doubt are life changing experiences. I've only had the opportunity to go through BIG so far and I am very much looking forward to when I can experience DEEP.

  2. Beautiful post Tracy ... so amazing to consider all that Love has opened up in your life ... or rather, all that YOU have created through love!

    And what a wise perspective you are taking ... and leaving us in mystery? Well, I am a Scorpio and I cannot let secrets lie so expect me to be prodding you! ;)

    a cloak of love ... I think that is part of the joy warrior's uniform for sure.

    xo lis

  3. This is such a beautiful painting.Delicate and meditative details. . .Your work always speaks so loudly to me of devotion- to the Muse,to life,to compassion.
    Sending you some LOVE,beautiful woman.May all be healed & well in your world. . .