Friday, September 16, 2011

43 things

Today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to Me!
Time to update my list from 42 to 43.

And to polish it up a little bit for the new year.

1. I am 43 years old

2. Cat person (currently there are 3: PC, Caesar, and Misty)

3. Favorite time of year ~ Autumn

4. Virgo

5. Life Path ~ 22

6. I believe that dreams (the kind when we sleep) hold powerful magic

7. Not to mention the dreams we hold in our hearts while we're awake

8. Tattoos. Yes. 5 and counting

9. Introvert ~ love me my alone time for recharging the batteries

10. Mama to a fiery little red head

11. Painting & creating art is my meditation

12. Burbank, Santa Barbara, Tokyo, Plzen, San Francisco, Fiddletown, Amador City, Jackson, Sutter Creek, Volcano, Pine Grove, Pioneer (places I've lived, in that order)

13. USA, Mexico, Canada, Japan, India, Kenya, Tanzania, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Poland, Czech Rebuplic, Slovakia, the Ukraine, France, Austria, Germany, Belgium, England, Finland, Senegal, Spain (countries I've visited, in that order)

14. Various shades of brown hair and brown eyes that sometimes appear hazel

15. Tree-hugging Dirt-worshipper Shaman

16. Currently developing my 6th Sense (and beyond)

17. Happily In-LOVE Married

18. San Francisco ~ favorite city

19. Found my tribe

20. Covet an earthen, hand-made, hobbit-style art studio with big windows and a view of water surrounded by luscious smelling flowers and trees

21. Left-handed

22. Bear

23. Winter Solstice is my favorite *holiday*

24. Pleiades

25. Not vegetarian (it's the bacon)

26. LOVE to dance

27. Northern European Mutt (Dutch, English, German, Scot...)

28. Risk-Taker & Trail Blazer

29. One younger brother who is pretty damn cool

30. Brad Devereaux, favorite artist

31. Tea ~ Earl Grey with milk (no lemon)

32. Nag Champa

33. Believing is Seeing ~ what you see is not all that you get, wake up wake up wherever you are!

34. Red wine ~ Youngs (Shenandoah Valley, Amador County)

35. English, high school Spanish, Japanese and Czech

36. Perfect gift? Gift Certificate for Art Supplies (JUST in case you were wondering...)

37. Didn't feel sexy ever, until I took salsa lessons

38. Thoughts become things

39. Amber

40. The Ocean and the Wind bring me great peace

41. Galactic

42. Awaiting with great anticipation: Osadhi, the Sacriluscious Tour

43. Choose Love, always


  1. I'm a Northern European Mutt too, Polish, Ukrainian, Irish, English