Saturday, September 17, 2011


Sometimes, who we are, is not so easily seen.

We must give ourselves time to be still.
To listen.

To peel away the layers of who we thought we were.
Who our parents, teachers, and others told us we were.

If we are patient, we can catch glimpses of this true self.
Marveling in its beauty and imperfection.
Tending to it, with love.

When ready, we can shine this beautiful self out into the world.
One light, joining other lights, a star-filled night of beauty.


  1. what a beautiful painting and fitting analogy. and, for us living souls, the layers continue as we get closer to our true selves.

  2. A good reminder, to slow down a little and see what unfolds. Your painting so beautifully tells the story, of what it can mean to uncover.

  3. Love this magical powerful beautiful goddess you have created!WOW!! :)