Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dreaming a Big Dream

Dreaming a big dream over here...

My art studio.


I am declaring it ~ It's time!

A room of my own.

This fall and winter?

The gathering of the parts.

We have one window so far!

Come spring... my studio will be in the building stages.

By summer?

Oh yah!
Creating like crazy from The Studio on Juniper Court.

Just so you know.

Declaring it here.

Thanks for affirming it right along with me.

Dreaming Big Baby.

The only way to dream!

What about you?
What big dreams are you putting out to the universe these days?

Share here please!

Let's dream a whole new world while we're at it, shall we?

See you in the dreamtime.


  1. My big dream for many, many years was to live in Alaska and now my dream has come true and I'm loving it.

  2. YAY! I love it - step by step, each big dream comes true. I hope to visit your studio!!

  3. I want to come see you in your studio one day. There's a big dream.

  4. My biggest dream (at the moment) to have a fence so we can put in bigger vegetable & herb gardens...

  5. You amaze me and I delight in your evolution!


    i'm SO incredibly jazzed for you....super-sonically jazzed...

    i'm a bit vague in the dream department at the moment...they're shifting and re-coalescing....