Friday, November 4, 2011


This time every year is the crazy busy time of year. No matter how hard I try to keep the scheduling of things to a minimum, there's just no getting around it. Halloween, birthdays, festivals, parties... and we haven't even gotten close to Thanksgiving and Christmas yet.

Also, an added bonus for this year, my place of work moved to a new location, but for 3 weeks the phones and internet have not been hooked up yet. Can you say Chaos? OMG.

There has also been some major processing of "stuff" since returning from Sedona. Nothing has changed. But everything is different. A shift did occur, perhaps at a cellular level. And to ignore it invites more chaos. So there are several areas of my life that need, well, fine tuning, shall we say. Some are easy fixes. Others, deep, deep shit to wade through. Treading water upside down while juggling bowling balls sounds easy, in comparison. Just to give you an idea.

So with all of this, I haven't been painting much. Yet, I have been celebrating some AWESOME milestones with my paintings and my creative life!

Grateful for it all.

Here is a sneak into some of the deliciousness that is my life at the moment.

Our new go to breakfast spread.
The official spread of Joy Warriors everywhere.

The season ~ Halloween, Samhain and Dia de Los Muertos.

Going to the All Hallow's Faire ~ getting into the spirit of it by donning costumes.

My love, Dave.

My son, evil sorcerer.

Me, giving "burning at the stake" a whole new meaning. Ahem.

Friends who know how to party!

And friends that know how to dress for the occasion.

Love this kind of family bonding.

Quality time with a Sister. Muy importante!

My Love's birthday.

Celebrations abound!

Oh, and, by the way, my art now hanging here, at our new local cafe!

And, this one, in a collaborative art show.
(thought I had a picture of the event, but no idea where it went to)


Chaos optional? Sometimes.

But despite it all, excellent.



  1. *squeeee*


    so much brilliance going on!!

    LOVE the nutella shot....they should change their labeling to reflect the Joy Warrior endorsement...:D

    awesome to see things thrumming along for you....

    BIG love...xoxox

  2. You are having WAYYY too much fun! Seems like Autumn is a good time for you :) You make a lovely witch (me, I was a half-assed fairy ...)

    Treading water upside AND juggling bowling balls? I can see you now ... peaked hat and all and while the beads of sweat may be rolling down (or would it be up?) your forehead, I believe I hear a happy cackle?

    xo lis

  3. I love your family pic!!! :) Mmm....nutella - I've been munching on it with gluten free graham crackers....nom nom!!! Wishing you lots more fun and wall love for your art!!

  4. Lots of energy swirling about!! Don't forget to press those hands into the Earth mother and ground!!
    LOVE the photos- such a magical look at YOU and your Life-
    So awesome that your art is making its way into the wider world!
    Blessings, Wise and Changing Sister-

  5. How full life is! And fun. A gorgeous witch you mae. And your art is so striking. The last one just grabbed me right in, I have gone back to it repeatedly, and each time I see something else.

  6. Have I told you lately how much I love you?