Friday, November 18, 2011

What Makes You Come ALIVE?

"All I really want to do is share what makes me come alive."

Super spectacular words of wisdom from Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio. And she got me pondering this... wanting to share her words, and to share my feelings on this too.

Sharing what make us come ALIVE, that's what I want to do too. Many of us do.

When you are most alive, doing what you love, of course you want to share that with others. You want others to experience it too. It's an amazing feeling! We all need to have that feeling.
Being ALIVE!

But I've seen it get so twisted up in online-land and bloglandia. It becomes then a way to make money. To earn a living. Sharing what makes someone come alive is tied to a bottom line. Marketing. A product.

It starts to feel like we are being sold something that has been masked as "complete self-realization and a fabulous income to boot." That making money is also the goal.

This is an important distinction.

Because what starts to take over is that making money becomes the goal. Or, making a LOT of money becomes the goal.

And I KNOW people, I KNOW. We haven't evolved yet out of the market economy and folks still need to pay for housing and food. I get that. I do.

But ....

Why does it make me squirm? Why does it leave a bad taste in my mouth?

I guess I am ready for a shift. I see shift happening. And I am SO grateful for this.

But I want a BIGGER shift. Yes, I am an idealist, dammit.

And how are we going to get this shift if is all we see are well-intentioned folks setting the example of striving for money and material stuff rather than setting LIVING LIFE OUT LOUD and feeling ALIVE as the goal?

This is NOT a judgment against anyone. It's not.

But look around at the mess the US economy is in. Look at the mess this country is in.
Striving for money isn't working.

It's time for something new.

What makes you come ALIVE? Are you pursuing that?

I believe so completely in this.

I know we can do it. I FEEL it, it's coming. Let's hurry it along a bit, shall we?

It's time.

What makes YOU come alive? Won't you share it with all of us here?
Let's inspire each other!

Questioning the status quo and living out loud. It's what I do. Grin.

Happy Friday to you!


  1. i am so FREAKIN' ready...count me in, sistah-o-mine!!

    LOVe this post...LOVE it.


  2. Dear sweet soul sister...I hear you! I am with you. The TRUTH is what makes me feel alive! Sharing this through my writing and my paintings. I too have my eyes wide open. I see it. I feel it. I hope to always keep it real. Always. Thank-you so much for being in my life where the truth always your brave heart. I love you. Xoxo

  3. Did you hear that? That was the sound of the heavens opening above me and angels and fairies and all manner of folk singing "Hallelujah!" and "Amen Sister!"

    I feel like I am moaning the loss of a golden age (which maybe only existed in my mind) where I could come online and gather inspiration and insights like wildflowers ... and now it seems everything is held back for The Course or the upcoming eBook or subscription member-site where said nuggets will be stashed.

    And you know, this creativity is a very precious and delicate thing and to burden it so is to scare it away.

    What makes me come alive? Looking around my world and seeing and celebrating the magic and the wonder that is right there ... right in front of my eyes and inside my heart ... painting it, photographing it, scribbling it down not to capture it so much as to witness it in a deeper way. For some reason, what makes me come alive right now are multicolored goats ... and people like you.

    Got my bandana on ... radical and ready! xo

  4. What makes me come alive is being seen for who I really am and being appreciated for that. It's a spark. Knowing that I am accepted and loved and understood and valued is the juice. Making art to see myself and my world even more clearly and to understand life more precisely and deeply and sharing it-- is enlivening. But beyond me and my little journey through my little world-- there is the greater--the magnificence of life-- and staring out at the beauty and power and awesomeness of the world in all it's terrifying and maddening complications and all of nature's awesome and ancient power--oh my goodness this enlivens me. love the post.