Friday, December 30, 2011

Breakin' Out

Hello My Friends!

How are we all doing? Did we survive the mayhem that is often the holidays?

We had Christmas dinner at our house, our tiny little cabin in the woods, for the first time ever.

And it was so much fun! We've used the excuse of a small house for so long, we hardly every have friends over. With the new year? That is going to change! I loved having friends and family here. It warmed my heart to no end.

And, speaking of heart... have you gotten into the rhythm of choosing your word for the year?

A word that emerges from your heart and sets the tone and your intentions for the coming 12 months?

Guess what mine is?

Wait, before I get into that, last year mine was Soar. And I felt like I indeed did SOAR! I let go of plans and goals and must do's and instead listened to my heart, flowed on the currents around me, trusted my intuition, and soared to new heights. With the added bonus of a brand new perspective (stirred from some deep place of remembering, ironically enough) to round out the year.

This year's word? It COULD have been last year's, but apparently it needs to be expanded this year. And I'm all for that.

It is LOVE.

Of course.

I have a feeling I'm going to LOVE this year. I just do!

And you know what else?

I feel like I'm reclaiming part of myself right now. A part of myself I didn't even realize was me.

The past dozen or so years I have been going in one direction, only to realize that I had left some of myself behind. So this year I will be focusing on integrating ALL of me into me. LOVING all of me.

Here's a sample ~

I put on my "fancy" clothes yesterday, for no other reason than it felt like something I wanted to do. It was so much fun! I had forgotten! You know what? I LOVE getting dressed up! Since I've moved to the country it's something I gave up, slipping on a pair of comfy jeans and calling it good. Or, in the day-to-day craziness of work, mom-hood, school schedules, etc. I just didn't have the energy to put into what I was wearing.

No more. This Chica is getting back into her fun fashionista clothes. Woot!!

Watch out 2012! It's gonna be a rockin' year!

SO glad to be doing this thing called Life with you all!

Love to you, and a happy FABULOUS new year as well!

Oh, and what's your word for 2012?
Share it with my, won't you?


  1. If anyone embodies LOVE it is you! And I was drooling over your fun clothes in Sedona ;)

    I love the view of your cozy home all decked out to celebrate ... I wish we could zip on over!

    I know a HUGE part of 2011 for me was your inspiration and friendship and I am so honored to have witnessed you Soaring and I am excited to see you continue that glide into 2012 on the wings of your magnificent heart.

    My word for 2011 was Shine but really the year felt more like a steady Glow for me. This year Clarity chose me ... although Simplify and Surrender and Mel's Align all follow once I open the door to clear seeing and knowing.

    Much love to you sweet sister. I too have embraced my inner fashionista and am enjoying the sense of celebration of self that wearing my "good clothes" entails. We - our lives - are worth dressing up for!

    xo Lis

  2. I love your tiny little cozy home and you look MAHVELOUS DAHLING! Last years word for me was FLY! This year's word is COMPASSION!!

    love you!!!

  3. Great table setting and adorable outfit! My word for 2011 was Create. I didn't really feel like I was creating much until the end of the year when I finally got inspired and finished several craft projects. But the word wasn't just about creating tangible items, I did a lot of creating in my personal life as well. That creative energy is already flowing into 2012 so it's very fitting that my word for this year is Completion. I am the biggest procrastinator as well as someone who abandons projects. I want to change that this year. I want to reach my goals, finish what I start and feel accomplished!