Saturday, December 17, 2011


Hello Friends.
How's the holiday season treating you?
Are you gearing up for some serious Solstice releasing and celebrating?
Have you remembered to take some quiet time for yourself?
How does your creativity fare in this season of opposites ~ Xmas/Holiday Madness vs. Dark Time/Go-Within Time of the year?

Over the past few weeks I've been painting here and there, it's slowed a bit, but creativity is being expressed. Quiet time is being taken. Even if just in little bits and pieces here and there.
Thank goodness.

Here's the latest...

They are all related somehow. How has not been revealed, but related they feel.

Deep work going on over here. Deep.


Did I mention deep?


It's time.

Watch out 2012!


Tell me your creativity stories, how's it going? Or your holiday ones. Or non-holiday ones.

Any story will do.

How are you?

Sending LOVE out to the stratosphere.

Choosing LOVE.

Happy Holidays.


  1. Tracy you are SO talented! I love your work!!!



  2. LOVE the paintings you've shared here!SO inspiring! Good that you are finding some creative space during this season:)
    I am totally between the worlds! We are moving to Florida 2 days after christmas!! Isn't that crazy? Talk about opportunity to do some releasing. I made myself a lovely little solstice altar so I would have still have a peaceful away from the chaos spot in the house :)
    Many blessings-

  3. sweets I am so happy to know you and see the amazing creations that come from your paintbrush. I'm loving the red one.