Thursday, August 25, 2011


Earlier this year I participated in Deep, an online painting - um, course, just doesn't describe it - life-changing experience. Yes. There we go. That's it.

My devotion for this experience was Love.

And it is also one of my intentions for the year (which I set way back at the end of December).

To see the world through the eyes of Love.

Sure. It sounds good. Putting it into practice of course is the real journey.

But I think I'm doing all right. There was this gathering
here. All about Love.

And this Revolution
here. Defined by Love.

Love has definitely gotten hold of me.


In the Deep experience, we created our Devotional painting ~

This was mine. My cloak of Love. Draped across my shoulders, giving me super-powers of Love. Lifting me up, flying me high.
It hangs on my living room wall, right above my computer. It helps me remember, even when, especially when, I forget to see life through the lens of Love.

Sometimes I need that reminder, because it's easy to get caught up in other stuff, less than loving stuff.

I've been looking at that painting a lot recently, because I was given a gift, an opportunity - the perfect chance to remember my devotion. A gift that could be seen as hard, or uncomfortable, or challenging. And instead, I've been able to see it through the eyes of Love. I've been able to recognize Love, and for that I am so thankful, so grateful. For this beautiful reminder.

So here is to embracing a vision of Love.

Enveloping you all in my Love. In my Cape of Love. There's room for us all. Let's soar together.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sharing Sisterhood

I love my Sisters.

They make my life complete. They really do.

I want to share some of them with you.

First, I have two sisters whom I've never met.

How is that possible?

Ah, well, you know, the magic of the internet.

Connecting souls in far off places.

I am so grateful for this.

I truly am.

These two sisters? They are doing ~ being ~ the most amazing selves that they can be.

First, Lis.

She is doing the most fabulous fundraiser. Children are children everywhere, they all deserve LOVE. Go here and be part of the party! She is ROCKIN' it! And her words and images, they will linger with you for a long time, they are powerful and sink right in to the heart's core.

Second, Mel.

Expressing her Soul like there's no tomorrow. Fearless. Brave. Beautiful. Go here for the full story, or if you're short on time, here for the video itself. Pure magic. I love her paintings. I love how she follows her intuition and shares herself with us all. Her spirit is infectious.

Then, I also have two sisters who I HAVE met, and hang out with, but not nearly often enough.

And I love them both so very much.

They too are doing ~ being ~ the most beautiful Soul Expression right now.

They are on fire!

First, Kristi.

You want to love your body? Love yourself? You need to hear what she has to say. You need to see what she is doing. She is so much goodness. Go here. Now.

Second, Ayla.

You've heard, seen, or experienced that perhaps our world is a bit out of balance? That the feminine voice has perhaps been missing from the stories we tell, the world we've created? It's time to reclaim our stories. To bring balance back to our beautiful world. Visit Ayla here, she will inspire you to find and express your powerful feminine voice!

Aren't they just so awesome?

I love them all.

Sisterhood is powerful.

And I am so grateful for it.

What magical souls can you share with us?

Let's weave this web bigger!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Remember this one?

I wrote about it here. The Not-Good.

But wait.

Look at it now.


I LOVE it!

Did I mention that I also LOVE painting?

At least here in this post?



Good, just so we're clear.

Oh, and linking over here with these fabulous women. Shout out to Amy.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pay Attention

Life sometimes sweeps you up and takes you along for a ride not always of your own doing.

That's how my summer has felt.

Every part of my life seems to be so busy.

Last night, in a moment of pure "not in the present at all," I started to pour white gesso (picture white liquid chalk) over my finished painting when I thought I was pouring a finishing varnish coat on it.

Can you say *Loud and Offensive Expletive?*

I'm sure my neighbors heard it.

I had to explain to my son that words like that don't get repeated by him until he's MUCH older.

Luckily, it's acrylic! Ha! And already having one protective layer of varnish on the painting, I was able to quickly rinse off the gesso and save the painting.

But you know what was really cool? I actually had the thought "well, it will be a new and unexpected layer to work with" as I was holding it in the sink under running water.

I saw the Silver Lining!!

And THAT was the best part about the whole thing. As tired as I was. As freaked out as I was. I had the aha moment. The it-really-isn't-that-bad kind of moment.

I just love painting.

It really does put me into a very different space.

I will be doing a lot of it this month. I may not be here much. I'll be taking a break and creating.

I'm looking forward to getting back to my 43 Paintings. I'm only on #15. It's August already!

Oh, but I will be stopping in to provide Twiga updates every now and then too.
If you want a necklace, it's not too late, give me a jingle!

How are you expressing your creativity this summer?
Don't let life sweep you up in it's grip for too long.
Slow down, express your Soul!!


Green Spiral
(#15 of 43)