Monday, November 28, 2011

The 43 Paintings Progress

You might remember that back in March I set out on a little personal challenge.

I decided that in honor of my 43rd birthday I would complete 43 paintings!

It's been quite a year so far. And I'm not as far along as I thought I'd be. But I'm having loads of fun along the way! Not to mention the persoal insights and painting skills I've been learning.

So far I've done 30 paintings. (check that, 29 paintings and one mixed media "altar")

(You can see the whole trail over here.)

I may or may not finish all 43 by December 31st, but really? That's ok. It's not the point anymore. The idea was to get me painting. And painting I have been doing!

There have been paintings that I like. And some that are ok. And some I am not happy with at all. AT ALL. But that's okay. I may actually keep going on them, or just paint over them and start over. Who knows! There's a lot of freedom in that by the way. Not worrying about the outcome. But having a fabulous time in the process. I can't recommend that enough!

However. Sometimes a painting comes along that takes me completely by surprise. The process may drag at times, or be totally fulfilling taking me away from everything around me, sending me off into a time warp of some kind. AND, miracles of all miracles, the final product ending up being something I just LOVE.

Well, to be honest, there aren't that many of those. But this one? It's one of those times.

Gateway to Dreamtime, 11/27/11, #30 of 43

So in LOVE with this painting. The process had its up and downs. But suddenly, towards the end, it just all came together in this magnificent glorious ending.

There is so much meaning for me in this piece. In what it represents. A place. Real. And yet unreal. A shamanic gateway into other realms. Pure magic.


This creative life?

I am SO in LOVE with it.

Just had to share that with you.

I feel so FULL of creativity these days!

May you give yourself the time to tap into your creative well. And keep at it...

Juiciness awaits!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dreaming a Big Dream

Dreaming a big dream over here...

My art studio.


I am declaring it ~ It's time!

A room of my own.

This fall and winter?

The gathering of the parts.

We have one window so far!

Come spring... my studio will be in the building stages.

By summer?

Oh yah!
Creating like crazy from The Studio on Juniper Court.

Just so you know.

Declaring it here.

Thanks for affirming it right along with me.

Dreaming Big Baby.

The only way to dream!

What about you?
What big dreams are you putting out to the universe these days?

Share here please!

Let's dream a whole new world while we're at it, shall we?

See you in the dreamtime.

Friday, November 18, 2011

What Makes You Come ALIVE?

"All I really want to do is share what makes me come alive."

Super spectacular words of wisdom from Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio. And she got me pondering this... wanting to share her words, and to share my feelings on this too.

Sharing what make us come ALIVE, that's what I want to do too. Many of us do.

When you are most alive, doing what you love, of course you want to share that with others. You want others to experience it too. It's an amazing feeling! We all need to have that feeling.
Being ALIVE!

But I've seen it get so twisted up in online-land and bloglandia. It becomes then a way to make money. To earn a living. Sharing what makes someone come alive is tied to a bottom line. Marketing. A product.

It starts to feel like we are being sold something that has been masked as "complete self-realization and a fabulous income to boot." That making money is also the goal.

This is an important distinction.

Because what starts to take over is that making money becomes the goal. Or, making a LOT of money becomes the goal.

And I KNOW people, I KNOW. We haven't evolved yet out of the market economy and folks still need to pay for housing and food. I get that. I do.

But ....

Why does it make me squirm? Why does it leave a bad taste in my mouth?

I guess I am ready for a shift. I see shift happening. And I am SO grateful for this.

But I want a BIGGER shift. Yes, I am an idealist, dammit.

And how are we going to get this shift if is all we see are well-intentioned folks setting the example of striving for money and material stuff rather than setting LIVING LIFE OUT LOUD and feeling ALIVE as the goal?

This is NOT a judgment against anyone. It's not.

But look around at the mess the US economy is in. Look at the mess this country is in.
Striving for money isn't working.

It's time for something new.

What makes you come ALIVE? Are you pursuing that?

I believe so completely in this.

I know we can do it. I FEEL it, it's coming. Let's hurry it along a bit, shall we?

It's time.

What makes YOU come alive? Won't you share it with all of us here?
Let's inspire each other!

Questioning the status quo and living out loud. It's what I do. Grin.

Happy Friday to you!

Friday, November 4, 2011


This time every year is the crazy busy time of year. No matter how hard I try to keep the scheduling of things to a minimum, there's just no getting around it. Halloween, birthdays, festivals, parties... and we haven't even gotten close to Thanksgiving and Christmas yet.

Also, an added bonus for this year, my place of work moved to a new location, but for 3 weeks the phones and internet have not been hooked up yet. Can you say Chaos? OMG.

There has also been some major processing of "stuff" since returning from Sedona. Nothing has changed. But everything is different. A shift did occur, perhaps at a cellular level. And to ignore it invites more chaos. So there are several areas of my life that need, well, fine tuning, shall we say. Some are easy fixes. Others, deep, deep shit to wade through. Treading water upside down while juggling bowling balls sounds easy, in comparison. Just to give you an idea.

So with all of this, I haven't been painting much. Yet, I have been celebrating some AWESOME milestones with my paintings and my creative life!

Grateful for it all.

Here is a sneak into some of the deliciousness that is my life at the moment.

Our new go to breakfast spread.
The official spread of Joy Warriors everywhere.

The season ~ Halloween, Samhain and Dia de Los Muertos.

Going to the All Hallow's Faire ~ getting into the spirit of it by donning costumes.

My love, Dave.

My son, evil sorcerer.

Me, giving "burning at the stake" a whole new meaning. Ahem.

Friends who know how to party!

And friends that know how to dress for the occasion.

Love this kind of family bonding.

Quality time with a Sister. Muy importante!

My Love's birthday.

Celebrations abound!

Oh, and, by the way, my art now hanging here, at our new local cafe!

And, this one, in a collaborative art show.
(thought I had a picture of the event, but no idea where it went to)


Chaos optional? Sometimes.

But despite it all, excellent.