Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Believe in Synchronicity

Yesterday I went in search of a photo for my last blog post. I opened the big box of photo albums I have and grabbed what I thought was one of my albums from when I traveled through China.

But it wasn't that one at all. It was one from when I was living and working in the Czech Republic. Smack dab in the middle of that album? The ones that the album fell open to when I grabbed it?

In Paris!

I had spent a week there visiting friends that summer.

Do you think it was just by chance that of all the albums in that box, of all the pages to have that album fall open to, it was that one?

You do know I'm in the midst of this incredibly HUGE Francophile phase, right?

It's perfect synchronicity.

And synchronicity has a very strong role to play in our lives. If we just pay attention.

When you start aligning with your true north, the path you are meant to lead, things happen, energy shifts the world around and conspires to bring you what you want. The converse it true too. When you are off your mark, heading in the wrong direction? Nothing seems to flow or work either.

But you have to pay attention. Sometimes the signs are subtle. Sometimes they are pretty obvious. But you still have to pay attention.

And so.

I am SO paying attention to THIS!


How exciting!

What kinds of synchronicity have been visiting you these days?


  1. *PARIS!* OMGoodness :)♥ Kind of awesome the way you listen ;-) Love it. Keep flowing my amazing friend... right on to.... :)

  2. Fabulous! Loved Paris, though I could have done without so many baguettes! I'm an obsessive Anglophile so I totally understand the obsession. Hmmmm, synchronicities in my life right now? Can't think of any, how disconcerting! xo
    I say YES Layla!!! Soul Tribe in Paris!!!! Then let's hop on over to London!

  3. I am so paying attention to you saying PAY ATTENTION to synchronicity. Sometimes it's really scary to trust the little pointers to big things.

  4. This post. I am enamored with France and the French language lately. So cool that you posted about this!