Saturday, January 14, 2012

Finding My Voice

One of the very clear messages I received from my Soul Retrieval ritual was that I need to speak up. To stop hiding. To share my view of the world.

This scares me quite a bit. (To say the least.)

So much so, that in getting used to this idea, I created an alias blog where I could practice and start revealing bits of me without anyone knowing. But after just two posts, which both felt very bold for me, I realized that no, I need to do it here.

To stop this very thing of HIDING who I am.

The point being to actually be seen, right?

Creating a secret blog was in direct opposition to this, wasn't that obvious?

So a couple days ago in a daring risk of bravado (to me it felt that way!) I shared a link that expresses one itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny fraction of something I believe in. And instantly felt that it was quite a - let's say - in your face kind of declaration.

"Believe or not" I dared.

But that's because I was nervous. I was fumbling for words. I was sputtering and spewing out something quickly and in great haste. And after years and years of building up layer upon layer that masks and hides my beliefs and perspectives... well, I felt quite awkward and a bit defensive. Though that certainly wasn't my intention when hitting the publish button. But that's how it read to me.

So here I am. Back again. Giving you that
little backfill, ready to try again.

Speaking my truth.

Bit by bit.


The picture on this card?
You see where Owl is?
Right at the Throat.


The Throat Chakra? All about listening to one's intuition and other realms, communication, expressing oneself, creativity and creating.

And Owl? Magic and darkness, it can hear and see what is normally hidden, it travels in the dark and brings back nourishment. When we lose our way it will guide us back to our purpose and path.

The Card? Deception. What has been hidden? What needs to be revealed?


No pressure.

And so I'm just not sure where to begin.

But I wanted to let you know.

That's where I'm at, in the beginning weeks of this new year.

Ready to start sharing all of me.

As wacky as it may get, I'm finally ready.



  1. <3 Looking forwarding to hearing/reading your voice <3

  2. *squeeeeee*

    you rock my world!!

    thrilled for you...absolutely freakin' delighted!!

    (loved that link, btw -- i got lost wandering around the website....)


  3. Oh I'm soooooo freaking excited!!!!! I just have this feeling that YOU are a very POWERFUL being and what you have to say is going to SHIFT the world!! My gut is telling me that YOUR words are going to change me and give me the final pieces of what I've been searching for myself!! No Pressure!!!! I am so "f-ing" proud of you and thank you, for you are helping me give myself permission to do the same!!! I love you!!!!

  4. You are gifted with a beautiful vision, loving heart and so, so much to teach and share.

    I am grabbing my blanket and cushion, mug in hand, ready to cozy up by your feet and wait ... because I know I need to hear what you have to share!

    xo love you!!! Lis

  5. I have always thought that you were smart,beautiful,and a teacher that I wanted to learn from,and I should have told you this,the only time I'm shy is when I think I'll look dumb in front of someone I respect, and I do you. I'm glad your going to tell us everything you know, your going to help a lot of people. And just so you know everyone hides parts of themselves until they feel safe, I'm glad you feel safe now.(if all this sounds dumb or doesn't make sense you can erase it, I'd understand)Bridget's Daughter