Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Friggin' New Year

So this is what I'd like to say to the first week of the new year:

Happy New Year.


I've been reading lots of wonderful posts on 2011 recaps, lessons learned and steps ahead and blogs for 2012 on intentions, dreams, goals and wishes.

All good stuff.

But I have SO not been in that space.

Found myself instead avoiding the computer and the interwebs and the new year positiveness all together, and instead immersing myself in yet another English-Speaking-Native living in Paris/France book, and studying French like a fiend (I am a complete beginner).

It's all rather bizarre behavior.

Can't quite explain it.

Well no, that's not true. I can explain parts of it.

A couple weeks before Christmas I did a very special, very personal, and hugely powerful Soul Retrieval. It was profound.

Deep deep deep stuff.


Life resumed its "normal" course. But everything is different now.



So much of what I was going on about in 2011 now seems almost irrelevant. (Okay, yes, I know, there is nothing wasted in the Universe, it ALL matters... but you know what I mean, right?)

Suddenly the winds have shifted and I'm left wondering...

What the hell now?


This still doesn't explain the Francophile tendencies.

Going with it.


What else can I do? Hide my head under the pillows and wait for it all to go away?
(Oh right. As IF I had THAT option. Trust me, if it were anywhere near possible to do that? I'd so be there!)

Fortunately, the fog has lifted, now on the 10th day of this new calendar year.

(Don't get me started on the insanity of this calendar we all use and have collectively agreed to, Gregorian, ha, so not relevant to ANYTHING in nature - but I digress.)

So, where was I?

Oh, yes, 10 days into it, feeling MUCH better. Can get excited for others and their awesome starts to this year. Yay Team!

And, despite myself, I've gotten into it too. Started walking (I KNOW!), having an extra day off each week this year due to funding cuts (this makes me VERY happy just so you know, do not fret), bought a new art journal for the year, started a new painting, and have committed myself to what's been waiting all along.


My inner me. Not a career. Not my artistic path. Not the next big thing.

Just inner "work" and focus. And lots of self-love, nurturing, and taking care of this vessel called my body.

About friggin' time.


Here is part of the cover for my 2012 art journal. It's only part because it has this cool flap thing that came with it, like a dutch door, that when opened reveals a whole nother cover behind it. And it was simply a regular old journal that I found at the big box office supply store. Way Kewl!

I think I might try howling at the moon a lot this year.

You have been warned.

How's your new year starting?


  1. I love it and I get it.
    I think the New year happens in the fall and not on january 1st.
    Not a fan of the calender or the clock. I am excited for your new found discovery of the french language.
    Le français est la langue de l'amour et de la nourriture et la poésie n'est-il pas?

  2. Love your eloquent honesty! I'm in such agreement about the silly paper calendar :)And a little behind on the beginning of the "year" posts. Though I think I might skip writing any recaps :)
    I think it is VERY interesting that not long after your Soul Retrieval you have this interest in all things French. I would venture an intuitive guess that some part of that healing also restored a positive past life experience.Something forgotten or lost in the shadows. I have had an obsessive not totally explainable longing for that place too. I have even in dreamed in full on fluent french(not the high schoollearned version!)
    Your Art Journal cover is stunning and powerful. You are on a magical path,dear Wild sister!

  3. Hamster Holy Jeezus your art makes me sigh and fall in love all over again with your talent!!! LOVIN' the francophile!! As an anglophile I can relate! Shall we meet at the The Field of the Cloth of Gold?