Monday, February 27, 2012

The Work Begins

The work has begun!!

But let's be clear from the very start.

I am not the one doing the work.

I am blessed with a husband who supports me in all my wild endeavors. And he can also envision the sanity that will result from me having my own creative space. He's loving. And smart. Grin.

This studio is my dream. But the actual building of it? This is my husband's creative outlet. My role will be the occasional helping hand, creative consultant, and provider of emotional and mental support. He will be the one doing the work.

Yes. I am VERY grateful for this.


(In case you are just joining in... here is the original post about my latest dream. Yesterday was ground breaking day!)

Here are a few photos of what was accomplished this weekend.

It was a fun day with friends over to help out. Good food and music rounded out the day.

Life is good!

Friend Harry and husband Dave.

Ian, my son, checking out work done so far. We'll see if he takes after Dave and lends a helping hand, or if takes after me and tends to supervise the process. Ha!

That's what he was checking out. The studio is going to have posts not a slab foundation. I'm learning a lot even if I'm not toiling a lot.

The four corners!

Me. The visionary, "photo documenter", and the grand Supporter.

Music amongst friends.

Life is beautiful!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ground Breaking Day!

Today is a monumental day!!!

Do you remember this post? About dreaming a big dream. I put it out there to the Universe and to all of You.

And guess what?

It's ground breaking day. Can we say WOOOOT!!

Here's the spot.

Ready and waiting.

Do you think I'm excited?


There aren't words to describe!

And we're even having friends over to help. A modern day barn raising.

Will share all the glorious and gritty details as it unfolds.

Keep dreaming big my friends, ANYTHING is possible!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Tuesday was a New Moon.

A new moon in Pisces. And, from what I learned, was all about letting go, honoring fluidity and movement, and releasing the need to know how to solve any problems that I am currently facing in life.

Pisces ~ two fish, water, flowing...

I am really enjoying my art journal so far this year. I feel free when I create there. The process itself seems transformative at a very deep level.

My favorite art journaling technique these days is this:

~splash some paint across the page or pages
~find some images or words in magazines that speak to me, rip or cut them out, and paste them down onto the pages
~paint some more, big splashes or intimate details, whatever is calling to me
~let dry and then add more details or words with pens
~add glitter of some kind: paint or pens or anything that sparkles

Et voila.

Here is this month's New Moon expression. It is what my Soul wanted to share.

I may not always understand the images or end result, but I trust that my Soul is showing me exactly what I need to see at this moment in time.

Much gratitude for this.

How's your creativity these days?

What's your Soul sharing with you?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012



It does not just happen. We must invite it into our lives.

We must believe in it.

Faith and trust.

It takes commitment.

And action.

Intentionally seeking...



Holding it close to our hearts.

Sharing it.

Celebrating it.

If we want it, we must dream it into being.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Prayers for Any Day, It Just Happens to Be Sunday

Prayers of LOVE for wherever they are needed most.

A shirt. Ready for the next thing.

Repurposed through creative expression, intention, and LOVE.

In pieces and ready to go.

Filled with the intention of LOVE.

The altar made ready.

Sacred gifts that have been waiting for just the right moment.

The wind beneath their wings, and ours.

Bundled up and ready to go?

NOW they are, super charged.

In the wind they will swing.

Releasing the prayers of LOVE.

Soaring to where they are needed most.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Fresh Start

For the past 15 years or so I have been actively envisioning the life I want. Dreaming big, setting intentions, making vision boards, writing lists... Many of those visions have come to be. It amazes me to go back and look through my old collages and journals and see the beautiful fruition of what were once "mere" dreams.

Of course, many of the visions I had have not materialized. Some, I know, were not that important after all, or were dreams of who I was at the time, but would not quite fit who I am now. And so releasing those has been easy.

Other dreams? Still waiting.

But am I?

This year has started off differently than I had imagined. I am not in my usual dream-weaving, intention-filling, goal-achieving place. I have no list for the year. No solid vision. Only vague notions, and even those I'm not so sure of.

What I'm realizing, and this is scary, is that it's time to let everything go. All the old visions. ALL the old dreams. It's time for a fresh start. It's time to release all the things I think I want and make room for what my heart truly wants.

And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

Wiping the slate clean.

There is something called a Burden Basket, courtesy of our friend Kokopelli. It's everything we willing carry with us through our life. Dreams and visions, responsibilities, worries, relationships, expectations, hopes, and on and on. It is completely up to us what goes into that basket. (For a more in-depth and beautiful explanation of this, read what Jesse Wolf Hardin has written about it.)

I feel like it's time to make note of every single thing I've ever put into that basket and then set it down. And walk away. Leaving it to the elements to disperse its contents to where they are needed most. Burn up, wash away, scatter to the wind, or compost it all into something more fertile.

What this will do is create the space for what truly matters to me to surface. I will clear out the noise of years of visioning and dreaming to see what my heart really wants to experience.


Talk about feeling vulnerable and raw.

Of course I can feel my scared little brain saying, wait, you're not going to leave ANYTHING in there? Surely LOVE needs to be there. And community? And what about creative expression? Those most definitely need to stay.

And I say to my overactive and over-analyzing mind, "Don't worry, what I'm letting go of is how you, Mr. Brain, need to control what those things should look like." Instead, we're making room for Ms. Heart to speak up, to have her turn.

Deep down, given the chance to be heard? She will not lead us astray. She will take us places we could never have imagined!

And that my friends, is what it's all about. Making room for a fresh start. Totally open.

I have a feeling I am going to be VERY surprised. And VERY excited by what shows up.

(Remind of that when I'm going batty over here needing immediate results, won't you? Thanks!)

Here's to the journey ~ it's never dull!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Celebrating Me

I am in the mood to celebrate me.

After spending so many years bemoaning bits and pieces of who I am, or all of me in one fell swoop, it's time to honor me instead.

It seems especially important to do this now because I am at that age in our culture where women start to disappear. You know, with all the focus on eternal youth and all. You know what I'm talking about.

I want to celebrate who I am right now, not the me that will finally lose the 20 extra pounds that I put on while pregnant. The me now, that notices the hairs on her chin are starting to outnumber the ones on her head (seriously?). The luscious me that won't even get into the effect gravity is having on my breasts.

And I want it to be okay to celebrate me. As it needs to be okay to celebrate you.

We are not being egocentric. Or full of ourselves. Even narcissistic.

Because do we really want to continue on with the notion that pride is a sin? A deadly one at that?

If we keep buying into it, then the comment like "Who do you think you are?" will forever beat us into submission. Never honoring or even recognizing our gifts and talents.

Done with that thank you very much.

So, let's raise a glass, or mug, or whatever, to ourselves. Celebrating each bit and piece of us.

All in one fell swoop!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Honoring the In Between

photo credit

I've been feeling like I want to fly away.

Far away.

I'm not sure where exactly. But to a place where no one needs me, where there are no clocks or schedules, where I can sit and stare at the ocean, listening to the sounds of the waves, feet tucked into the warm sand.

I have the life I wanted 9 years ago. Mostly. So why am I wanting to chuck it all and flee?

What has brought me to this place?

For someone who has sought, persued, and reached for most of her life? This sitting and being is not going so very well.

I know of two possibilities, of dreams come true, and of complete acceptance of where I am at. Neither seems to apply at the moment.

I am swimming in a foggy morass of what feels like non-movement. Neither here. Nor there.

Analyzing it seems like wasted chatter.

Stepping back for a better view, elusive at best.

Action steps? Not even a smidgen.

Feeling sorry for myself? Oh yes, heaps of that.

Comparing myself to others? Danger, danger...

I see all of this. See what I am doing. See that I am chasing my tail.

And wondering...

A little scared.

Okay, maybe really scared.

Is this it?

Do I have no seeds of hope, of great dreams, of adventures to fulfill?


Buried deep. I know they are there. I feel them.

But I cannot name them.

And that my dear friends, is the rub. I cannot name them.

In this world of go and strive and do and be... I am not so sure where I want to go, what I am striving for, nor what I want to be.

After so many years of the thrill of discovery of these very things? I have run out of steam.

Perhaps this is the lull in between?


I share all of this not to mope, or complain, but to reflect, to ponder, to hold it up to the light and see what might shine forth.

Sometimes, there are days like these.

Love to all you lovelies, on this day in between, half way from Winter Soltice to Spring Equinox.

Honoring the in between.