Friday, February 24, 2012


Tuesday was a New Moon.

A new moon in Pisces. And, from what I learned, was all about letting go, honoring fluidity and movement, and releasing the need to know how to solve any problems that I am currently facing in life.

Pisces ~ two fish, water, flowing...

I am really enjoying my art journal so far this year. I feel free when I create there. The process itself seems transformative at a very deep level.

My favorite art journaling technique these days is this:

~splash some paint across the page or pages
~find some images or words in magazines that speak to me, rip or cut them out, and paste them down onto the pages
~paint some more, big splashes or intimate details, whatever is calling to me
~let dry and then add more details or words with pens
~add glitter of some kind: paint or pens or anything that sparkles

Et voila.

Here is this month's New Moon expression. It is what my Soul wanted to share.

I may not always understand the images or end result, but I trust that my Soul is showing me exactly what I need to see at this moment in time.

Much gratitude for this.

How's your creativity these days?

What's your Soul sharing with you?


  1. ♥Girl - this is powerful and stunning.Where ever your soul is taking you, damn it's beautiful.

  2. I agree with Charlotte. Powerful and stunning and thoughtful all at the same time

  3. such a beautiful page. i love that we are always moving, changing. i have been working with fish the last few days - very fitting, huh?!